Located 21 miles southwest of Walden, this 4200 acres lays at about 7500 ft. elevation. It is a mixture of aspens, pine, sagebrush, willows and hay meadows. This ranch has three drainage's which account for most of the elk. There are deer, bear, moose and mountain lions on this ranch also. The camping area on this ranch is in a large hay meadow and is easily reached by motor homes. This is a working cattle ranch expect to see cattle and horses when hunting, especially during the archery season.


The ranch is almost completely surrounded by private ground and 4400 acres of State Trust Lands. This trust land is open to the public for hunting. The public helps to push game onto us from the trust ground. Archery and rifle hunts are available on the ranch. 20 hunters allowed during each of the regular rifle seasons, this number subject to change at our discretion. 12 archers per week during the archery season, and 4 hunters during the Early Deer season. We will have 4 weeks of archery hunting on this ranch in 2019. Following the archery season on this ranch, we will offer 5 days of Private Land Only hunting, PLO licenses are for cow elk only and are by drawing.

There are sometimes left over either sex elk licenses available for the 1st rifle season on this ranch. These licenses go on sale August 6, we can purchase them for you.

We may have landowner vouchers for the Early Deer season in late Sept on this ranch. These are private land only buck licenses.  This is a gauranteed license. The cost of the voucher for deer is $200 plus the cost of the license. For antelope the cost of the voucher is $500 plus the cost of the license. These fees are in addition to the cost of the hunt. If you want to hunt bear along with your elk and/or deer add $250 to the cost of your hunt, (this is different than last year).

ATV's and UTV's may be used for travel from camp to the parking areas. They are not allowed beyond the parking areas except to pick up downed game, the only exception to this rule is for staff. ATV's and UTV's are restricted to roads and trails, no bush banging. If you think you want to ride your ATV' or UTV all over, you need to find another place to hunt.

Late September is kind of a nice time to rifle hunt if you want a cow. This and Indian Creek are the only ranches we offer for 'Private Land Only' hunts. THESE DATES ARE TENTATIVE, THE FINAL DATES ARE SET AT THE JAN. 2019 COMMISSION MEETING. PLO hunts are $850 per hunter. Antelope hunts are $350. All archery and regular season rifle hunts are $1300 per hunter. Early Season Deer hunts are $950. Only those hunters hunting on this ranch will be allowed to camp here. This ranch is included in our antelope package. This ranch is in Big Game Unit 16.

This year (2019) we will not offer Black Powder hunts on this ranch.

The rifle moose season on this ranch will be October 1--7. The cost is $1250.

Number of Hunts still available

August 31-September 6, hunts available: Sold Out
September 7-September 13, hunts available: 12
September 14-September 20, hunts available: 12
September 21-September 27, hunts available: 0



Private land only
August 17 - August 23 hunts available 3
September 21 - September 27 hunts available: 5


October 5 - October 7, hunts available: 4


Early Rifle--Deer
September 30-October 6 hunts available 6


Rifle Elk/Deer
October 12-October 16, hunts available: SOLD OUT4
October 19-October 25, hunts available: SOLD OUT
November 2 - November 8, hunts available: 2
November 13 - November 17, hunts available: 10