28 miles southwest of Walden off of Hwy. 14. 7 miles from the Coyte Ranch. 2300 acres which straddle the Continental Divide. Elevation is near the 9000 foot level. This ranch has some dark very nasty timber, steep slopes, aspen parks, and open bowls. This is one of our best ranches year after year, it produces even better if the private ground that surrounds us on two sides is being hunted.


This ranch borders the national forest on two sides and early on we get a lot of elk coming off the forest. These early herds will sometimes contain 300 or more elk. This ranch is in Big Game Units 17 and 181. 15 hunters are allowed on the ranch during each of the regular rifle seasons, this number subject to change at our discretion. 6 during each week of the archery season, and 4 during the Early Deer season. All hunts are $1300 per hunter, except the Private Land Only which is $850 per hunter and the Early Season Deer which is $950. This is a working cattle ranch expect to see cattle when hunting.

ATV's and UTV's may be used on the east side of Arapaho Pass with the following restrictions, after the rifle seasons open no travel is permitted past the sign at the little lookout. The only exception to this is for staff.  ATV's and UTV's maybe taken to the bottom of Arapaho Pass and parked there, no travel beyond this point except to pick up downed game. The only exception is for staff. ATV's and UTV's are restricted to roads and trails, no bush banging.

This ranch is hunted with the Trownsell Ranch. This gives the Unit 17 hunters on Indian Creek more ground to hunt as well as those hunters on the Trownsell. It also makes for easier staffing.

Moose season on this ranch is October 1-7, cost is $1250.

Number of Hunts still available

August 31-September 6, hunts available: 2
September 7-September 13, hunts available: 4
September 14-September 20, hunts available: 0
September 21-September 27, hunts available: 4


Muzzleloading Elk/Deer
September 14-September 20 hunts available Sold Out


Private Land Only
August 17-August 23 hunts available: 4
September (?)-September 28 hunts available Sold Out


Early Rifle--Deer
September 30-October 6, hunts available 4


Rifle Elk/Deer
October 12-October 16, hunts available: 1
October 19-October 25, hunts available: Sold Out
November 2-November 8, hunts available: 2
November 13-November 17, hunts available: SOLD OUT