Archery hunters can either submit proof of NRA membership or proof of membership in your state bow hunters association. For proof of membership we will only accept a copy of your NRA membership card or a mailing label from either The American Rifleman, The American Hunter, America's 1st Freedom, or Women's Outlook with the expiration date. NRA-ILA cards will not be accepted. Archers may submit a copy of their membership cards with the expiration date. If you are not an NRA member you can join from our site..

The hunt fees listed for each ranch are the fees for 2019 when paid in full at the time of resevation. If you wish to break the fee into two equal payments then add $25 to each payment. (A $1300 fee broken into 2 payments will cost $1350 total.)

All hunters will be sent an Outfitters Services Contract and a Waiver of Liability/Property Restriction Form. Both of these forms must be notarized. These forms along with the property restrictions and a map of the property will be sent to you when your hunt fee is received. The first set of forms is included in the hunt fee, but if you lose or misplace the first set and need a second set there will be a $25 replacement fee. THE CONTRACT AND WAIVER HAVE A 20 DAY RETURN DATE. CONTRACTS AND WAIVERS NOT RETURNED BY THE DATE SPECIFIED IN THE CONTRACT WILL BE ALLOWED A 10 DAY GRACE PERIOD AND THEN THE HUNT WILL BE CANCELED. THERE WILL BE A 50% CANCELLATION FEE WHEN DHB INC. CANCELS A CONTRACT FOR FAILURE TO RETURN PAPERWORK.


All rifle fees (if made in payments) are due in to us by September 1, 2019. Archery fees (if made in payments) are due by August 1, 2019. Any reservations not paid for in full by theses dates will be in default after a 10 day grace period and will then be canceled with NO REFUND of fees. Hunting slots will not be confirmed until paid in full and all paperwork has been returned.

Rifle hunters may cancel their reservations up until September 1, 2019 (Archers August 1, 2019) but will be assessed a 50% cancellation fee. This means if you have a $1300 hunt booked and you cancel before the above dates you will be charged a $650 cancellation fee. After September 1, 2019 (August 1, 2019 for archers) NO refunds for cancellations will be given, except upon the death of the hunter. In lieu of cancellation you may sell your hunt (paperwork for the new hunter must be obtained from us). After September 1, 2019 (August 1, 2019 for archers) if you find that you won't be able to hunt your best course of action is to find someone to sell your hunt to. We may be able to help you with this if we know of a hunter who will take a late slot.

In 2019, Black powder hunters, Private Land Only hunters, all antelope hunters and September bear hunters will be subject to the August 1, 2019 date for fee payments (if made in 2 payments), and for cancellations. Moose hunters are subject to the September 1, 2019 date for payment and cancellation.

For hunters who book late hunts (those hunts booked after the cancellation dates) there are no cancellation privileges. That means if you book a late hunt be prepared to hunt because you will not get any money back if you cancel your hunt. We will only return your money if you die prior to the hunt.

Since most hunters make their reservations by phone, remember that you have 10 days after making the reservation to pay for your hunt (either in full or by payments as described above). If we have not received your payment and proof of membership by the time your 10 days is up, we will offer your slots for sale. We will not hold slots for anyone without a deposit and proof of membership after 10 days.


The cost of a bear hunt is $250 if it is included with an elk/deer hunt this fee will be due at the time of reservation. A stand alone bear hunt is $950. The trophy fee for archery antelope is $200. The fee for killing a second elk is $250. These fees are due in cash at the time the animal is killed and before the animal leaves the ranch.

DEER LICENSES are all by drawing both archery and rifle.

BEAR LICENSES, for archery are unlimited. For the regular rifle seasons they may be purchased across the counter. A limited bear season also runs from September 2-30, these licenses are by drawing and only valid for the September season.

The Division of Parks and Wildlife will hold one draw for all limited deer, elk, antelope and bear hunting licenses for 2019. The brochure will be available in Februauy and the application deadline is the first Tuesday in April. You can call 303.297.1192 for more info or to request a brochure by mail.


In 2019 we will offer group discounts for 6 or more hunters.  If your group is smaller than 6 don't ask for a discount as it will not be forthcoming.  Hunters who are part of a Group discount will NOT have any cancellation privileges. Discount rates are different for each ranch.


1. The 1st and 4th rifle season are 5 days long and elk only. Licenses are all by drawing.

2. The 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons are both 7 days long. These are combined elk and deer seasons. Bull elk licenses are available across the counter. 

3. All 4 seasons will offer PLO options.

4. All Deer Licenses in Colorado are by drawing.

5. All non-hunters will be required to have either a valid Colorado fishing or hunting license or a Colorado Search and Rescue Certificate to be on our ranches. The reason for this is that if you become the object of a search and rescue operation and you do not have one of the above you can be charged personally for the cost of the search by the agencies involved. Hunters pay this with the $.25 surcharge on their licenses.

6. The 4th rifle season is an elk only season, except for the 181 portion of Indian Creek (Antlered deer only and only by drawing). This season begins on Wednesday Nov. 13th, is 5 days long, and all elk licenses are by drawing or left over.

7. The PLO only seasons on the Coyte and Indian Creek are 7 days long and the cost is $850.


A wounded elk (defined as an elk that is hit or one that leaves a blood trail) that is not recovered will count as an elk killed. The next elk killed or wounded will count as the 2nd elk and will be subject to the $250 2nd elk fee. No hunter may kill more than 2 elk either by license or by wounding or a combination thereof.


My staff people are nearly all active or retired law enforcement officers, those that are not have hunted with us for many years.  These staffers are not guides. Their purpose on the ranch is to assist hunters with questions, problems and to help get out game.  They also provide for a first responder presence. I trade these people a hunt for babysitting the ranch. Most of the staff hunts, but some do not. Some will not hunt when they are staffing, but hunt during an earlier or later time period.  While staff people will help you with game recovery if they are available, the ultimate responsibility is the Client's.


Figuring success rates should be fairly straightforward; number of elk killed divided by the number of hunters. This is how it works with two exceptions. (1) I have 4 staff people who work the entire archery season. These staffers may hunt one day one week of the archery season and then again for four days two weeks later. If they kill an animal their kill is figured into the success rate for the week they kill in.  If they fail to kill an animal during the archery season, they are figured into the success rate for the 4th week of the season.  (2) The wounded animal rule, as defined above, counts into the success rate.  If an animal is wounded but not recovered it counts as a dead animal, as such it is included in the success rate.  It is also possible for the success rate to go over 100% with the availability of being able to kill a second elk. If the staffer does not hunt it doesn't affect the success rate either way.


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