Ramblings by Dell


3-29-19 The hog hunts in Texas went very well this year. We had an assortment of weather; wet,windy,warm, very calm, moonlight that was perfect from a three quarter moon. We killed a fair number of hogs, lost more than we should have, and missed some more. I was suprised to see three guys down there with 10mm handguns, myself included. 2 were Glocks, one with a 6"barrel. Mine was the Springfield TRP RMR with a 6" barrel. None of us got shots with them but we were prepared any ways. That reminds me that S&W is bringing back the Model 610, the big N-frame in 10mm. It will be available in a 4" and a 6.5" barrel. For revolver fans who don't mind dealing with full moon clips it ought to be one hellva of a gun. I missed owning one the first time around but I'll correct that mistake shortly.

Most of our elk and deer hunts are sold out, though we still have archery hunts and rifle hunts for the 4th at the Coyte. We may have some antelope vouchers available but they are all spoken for. Hopefully we will have a moose hunter or two this year.

2-19-19 Got the copy of the new reg's on Saturday and I must say that the CPW has out done themselves as far as screwing hunters. Of course the non-resident hunters are getting it in the shorts worse than the residents. If you intend to apply for a drawing license you must now have a qualifying licenses. For a non-resident that means you will need an annual small game licenxe, $81.75. If you want a preference point if you are unsuccessful it will cost you another $100 for moose, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat. For the other species, there will be no charge for preference points. So in effect it will still cost you $41.75 more. The one good thing to come out of this for non-residents is that a bear license has come down to $101.75 from $351.  I guess some one in Denver finally got the memo that CO has to many bears. When you have a State that is run by Democrats you can count on getting screwed every which way from Sunday. It's almost cheaper to hunt high fence in Texas than it is to hunt in CO.

1-2-19 As some of you may know or have heard, I have sold Black Elk Outfitters effective January 1, 2020. I sold the business to an Alaskan Master Guide and Outfitter. He will have an office here in Fort Collins or Steamboat Springs and will be working with me in 2019. I will work with him in 2020 to help him get boots on the ground. I'm sure he will make some changes but I understand he plans to keep my staff and most of the same operating procedures. As for me I plan to hunt birds, something I haven't been able to do on opening day for 33 years. One thing that will change this year is that I will not carry over any hunts into 2020, hunts that are cancelled will receive refunds if appicable.

8-21-18 The first week of PLO cow hunts ended this evening, when I left up there this morning they had killed 6 elk for 7 hunters. Sunday and Monday saw light showers and that sure helped green things up. Sunday morning we had frost at Indian Creeek. Some of the willows are starting to change colors. Since it has been so dry in North Park there is little feed left up high for cattle. the ranch hands brought the cattle from the Forest leases and put them on Indian Creek, about 300 head. They will start to move cattle back onto the Coyte later this week or the 1st of next week. All these cattle will make for an interesting dynamic for the archers. There is a bit more water available on the Coyte than on the Indian Creek. All of the reservoirs on the Coyte are full or near that. The small res on the Indian Creek is nearly empty. If we get some more moisture this week and the temperatures stay down then the aspen will start to change and when that happens the springs start to run again. So the next couple of weeks may or may not make for some great hunting.

6-8-18 If you are waiting for the results of the drawing for limited licenses you should be notified by the end of the day. Again the CPW have managed to come up with a new system that is flawed. Well maybe flawed is not the right word, it's as screwed up as Hogan's goat. The left over draw is supposed to be in July and the left over list will be out after that. Some people have been told the left over list is already out, if it is I can't find it. You can check on line for your licenses if you like to spend a lot of time on line. It takes me 8 pages to check for my licenses. The old system was much better, you put in your CID# and your DOB pushed the submit button and up popped your info. The payment method also appears to have hit a snag. CPW says they are losing money but still they contract the big game licensing out to an out of state company. If you are interested in how to screw up a soup sandwich I think you can find instructions on their web site.

I was on the ranches this past Monday. It is dry in North Park and most of the irrigation water is about gone. Elk are in good shape. Saw 5 on Buffsalo Pass. On the Coyte the landowner tells me they are in the willows on the creek next to the hay fields. They are probably calving next to water. I didn't go down into the bottom at Indian Creek as the pass road is still muddy.

After the left over lists come out there will probably be some available licenses in the first seasons. These will be the ones which did not get paid for in the first go around.

2-22-18 Today Ist National Bank of Omaha cut it's ties with the NRA. I've been banking with them since 1981, Monday I'll be cutting all ties with them. Enterprise Car Rentals also stpped all benefits for NRA members so I will stpo using them for car rentals. I've been renting from them since the late 70's. If these coporations want to play politics then they can do it without me and I hope all NRA members feel the same way. After 30 years in law enforcement I know 2 things: guns are unable to kill anyone unless the trigger is pulled, guns can't do this by themselves and 2 gun control laws don't work. Criminals by definition are those who don"t obey the laws. Gun free zones, such as schools get our kids killed. Mental health is a big problem and more needs to be done in this area. But a bigger problem is the break down in parental reponsibilty and respect for others. Since I know I am preaching to the choir I'll shut up now. Send a check to the NRA to support their efforts to protect our 2nd Amendment rights and stop voting for Democratic/Socialist candidates.

1-26-18 Well it has been a while since I posted anything here, I'll try to do better this year. 1st lets start with a few comments about some of my favorite people, the dolts at CPW. This year they have a whole new plan to screw up the limited license drawing. There are at least 7 steps in the new plan you need to be aware of. One part of the plan that looks like it might be good is that you no longer have to send in license fee money with your application. You'll have to have a credit card on file for them to charge you if you're sucessful in the drawing.

It's pretty dry in Colorado right now with our snow pack being below normal. Hopefully we will get some more snow or much needed rains this spring.

Anybody that is interested in a hog hunt in Texas, we have hunts available. They will start on the 13th and 16th of March. It's a good way to break up the winter and hopefully put some meat in your freezer.

2-5-17 Can you believe that New England comeback? If you were betting on Atlanta, you probably thought you had it made at the start of the 4th. Oh well it is what it is.

Our new President is sure getting beat up by the media and all of the pencil necked, Kool-aid drinking, whining, welfare recipient, dope smoking, communists. But I think he is great. And I think when his immigration policy reaches the Supreme Court it will uphold him. Another question I have is why do the people of Arizona keep re-electing that dip stick, John McCain? Well now that I've gotten that off my chest I feel much better.

The ranchers in North Park (where the ranches are located) say they haven't seen a winter like this since the 80's. The snow is deep the snow pack is above normal. Snowpack really doesn't mean much this time of year, we need it to be above normal on the first of April. And then we will need spring and summer raiins. Hopefully they have had enough wind to bare some of the ridges so the critters can get to the food below.

Still have some Texas hog hunts available. if you think that might interest you give me a call.

Spent this past week working up some loads for a new S&W 460. Man this gun is a beast at over 5 lbs. But I don't think it kicks as bad as my .44 magnum. And it shoots really flat. This week I'm going to be working on hard cast lead bullet loads. My original plan was to use 454 Casull loads for my light targrt loads, and they are cheaper to shoot. But I'm so impressed with the full house loads I may just keep on shooting them. For those of you who don't know about me and bears, this will be my new bear plugger.. I intend to use it on my next trip to Alaska for brown bear. I'll have a guide backing me up with a 375, but I think the 460 will prove to be a definite bear stopper. I may even use it this fall for elk. Now I have to find a shoulder rig for it. Oh and speed loaders, just kidding.

1-3-17 I didn't realize it had been this long since I last posted but 2016 was a stressful year. The best thing that happened was we got rid of our Muslim President and that lying traitorous bitch Hillary who wanted to further destroy our country. Hopefully our new President can get the country back on track. Personally I like to see him do away with the Dept of Energy, the Dept. of Education, and the ATF. He can also rein in the EPA and the ESA and that would suit me fine. Unfortunately, Colorado went for Hillary. We are overrun with Libertards, mostly from the East and West coasts. Sure would be nice if they packed up and went back from whench they came. Oh an another thing, if cities want to be sanctuaries, let them do it on their own dime.

Hunting in 2016 was very bad. Colorado was in a drought for the last 7 months of 2016. We got no moisture after the hay was cut and the elk and deer stayed in the timber where ther was still some green grass. The Coyte Ranch was the best one in 2016 and a lot of that was due to the ranch developing some springs. These springs will now provide a source of water for game and cattle year round.  The CPW has a major retard program in the works, more on that in a future post. Expect the cost of licenses to go up so they can fund this crap.

Hunting hogs in Texas in 2016 was less that stellar. After we left down there in 2015 they got a lot of rain, I mean a lot of rain. This showed up in 2016, roads washed out, very few pigs. The thought was that the floods of 2015 drownded or washed away about 3 generations of pigs. 2016 wsas bad enough to make me question whether or not I wanted to go back in 2017. Well I was down on the ranch about 3 weeks ago for a day and it was night/day difference. We saw turkeys, quail, deer, and HOGS and this was all mid day. The broomweed is still there but not like it was in 2016. The roads are in good shape and there is standing water in places. There are cattle on the north end in pretty good numbers. I talked to my contact on the ranch and he said the deer hunter are seeing a lot of hogs. He also said the aerial counts for hogs are about three times higher than last year. So yes we are going back. Something we tried last year was corning the roads, this would probably have worked if there had been more hogs. So we will be doing this again this year.

Jan. 15th falls on a Sunday this year but I will be in the office taking reservations from new hunters. Prior to the 12th I'm going to be in OK and KS hunting quail and pheasants.

12-1-15 Yes I know I've been a little lax about posting on here, but I figured that most don't want to hear me bitching about Obama or that lying Hillary. Those who hunt with us generally agree with me and those who don't agree don't hunt with us anyways.  Hunting in 2015 really proved that the weather is everything when it comes to hunting. The archery seasons, the BP season and the PLO all suffered from the hot dry weather and the hot winds. The rifle seasons only saw a 2 percentage point drop in the success rates from 2014. This was a lot less than I expected it to be. We did well in the 1st rifle seasons and the Coyte did almost as well in the 2nd. Indian Creek sucked in the 2nd and 3rd but picked up again in the 4th. The fact that the Forest Service had a road closed to the east of the Trownsell and Indian Creek provided an area for the elk and deer to hole up in. Don't know why the USFS has to wait for the hunting season before they close roads to clear standing dead timber. On the Coyte I still get guys bitching about the cattle on the ranch during the archery season. I guess they haven't figured it out yet that this is not a hunting ranch but a cattle ranch. I wish they would go find a hunting ranch, pay the $5000 for a hunt and quit bugging me.

6-2-15 Do you have a pet peeve? You know, one of those little things that just bug the hell out of you.  Well I have one and I'll bet others share my peeve. When my Caller ID shows, "Unk caller or name", "Private caller", or "V2315679851689 or some such number", I go right straight thru the roof. Generally these callers don't leave a message or if they do it's a sales call or political robo-call. Some time back I just quit answering these calls and that made me feel better. Then they started calling using the "Private Caller". I answered a few of these to find that they were sales calls and they use this method when no one picks up the phone on "Unk. caller or name" calls. So now I don't answer any calls that don't display a name or number. In addition to this when I do get a sales call that I didn't initiate I make it a point to never buy from that company again. I know it's a little thing, but I'm old and grouchy and there are some things I just don't put up with, this is one of them.

Something else that makes me peevish is Hillary Clinton. Why is she running for President when she ought to be in jail. If Benghazi wasn't reason enough, then what about the emails, or the donations from foreign governments to her foundation.?  She has been trailed by wisps of smoke for years and Grandad always said, "where there is smoke there is fire".

Last but not least I get peeved at folks who either don't read or don't care about what's in our contracts and waivers, or can't follow instructions. But like I said before I'm old and a grouch.

4-21-15 The Texas hog hunting this year was not to bad. We had snow, wind,dirt, rain, and snakes. All of the ponds that normally have water were about half full. The ranch has put floats in all of the tanks fed by windmills and that eliminates overflow. Because of that the hogs have limited places to water. It appeared that they were getting most of their water from the roots of the prickly pear cactus. They were not as consistant about coming to the baits as in the past years. 24 hunters killed 28 hogs. Don't yet know what will happen next year as the outfitteri l lease from said he may have to raise his prices. If that happens I'll be looking for another ranch in the same area.

While we are on the subject of lease increases, the lease costs for Indian Creek and Trownsell will both go up next year and then again in 2018. I look for the cost of leases on the Coyte to also go up next year. The bottom line is that hunt costs will also increase in 2016.

Our early cow hunts this year have enjoyed great success. These hunts allow kids to hunt with out missing any school and they also allow for those hunters who only want meat or who don't want to deal with snow.

I was in the Walden area 2 weekends ago and there was very little snow left. The meadows were already being irrigated. Not a good sign. Then this past weekend they got a bunch of snow. Good sign.

2-21-15 The web site is finally up to date. All of the dates for hunts and the cost of licenses are now posted.  The CPW web site is also fairly complete although there is no mention of an additional lion season for this fall or anything about extending the bear season into August. In fainess to CPW the bear thing will take a bill from the legislature to become a reality.

Next week we leave  for Texas and 3 weeks of hog hunting. If you need to contact me call my cellphone.


1-18-15 Well a fair amount has happened since the last time I added to this.  The website is up to date. CPW still has not posted the license fees for 2015, nor do they have thier website updated. They say that should happen in early Feb.  We are taking reservations for 2015 and some of the seasons are already sold out. Hog hunts are still available so if any of you would like to kills ome pigs geti n touch with me.

I spent 3 weeks in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico before Christmas. Stopped in Thatcher,AZ at the sporting goods store that has the Spyder Bull mount. That head is awesome, not real tall, but just above the head it looks like a poorly prunned rose bush. Those states are all suffering from a lack of reloading supplies. No RL22 or Varget to be found anywhere. And the Native American casino's were less than kind to us also. But still a great trip.

After Christmas I and Dal Schaefer (staff guy at Buffalo Pass) went to OK to hunt quail. The cover was chest high and you had to step on the quail to get them to flush, butt he birds were abundant. The stickers were terrible. The one good thing that happened down there was that in a small gun shop in Waynoka, OK I found 5 cans of RL22 all from the same lot and 2 cans of Titegroup, same lot. Bought them all and they weren't overpriced. One last thing, that new Beretta 686 in 28 ga. is just the ticket for quail.

11-30-14 As you can see the site has not been completely updated. I don't have the dates for the 2015 seasons. Hopefully the CPW will have these available when I get back to the office on the 15th of Dec. IF you haven't tried to navigate the CPW website you ought to give it a try.

8-7-14 Well if you tried to get a license on Tuesday morning you already know that the system took a dump within seconds of opening. CPW says the system crashed because of sheer volumne. Well no "duh". The state tried to sell left-over licenses, licenses with caps, and regular licenses all on the same day in person, by phone, and on-line. I would guess that some brainiac in Denver thought the system would be able to handle it. I've heard rumors that the company responsible for selling the licenses is the same company that did the roll-out on Obamacare. This has gone on year after year and the State of Colorado just keeps coming up with lame excuses about why it doesn't work. Is there an answer to the problem? Maybe but I wouldn't look for it to come from CPW.

7-24-14 I've been a bit remiss in updating this section this year but a lot has been happening. First our snowpack was 200% of normal, that kept us from getting into the ranches until almost July. Even then it was still very wet. We were able to start putting in food plots the end of June. We put in three on the Indian Creek and three on the Coyte. They are showing some growth but its hard to tell what is what. Just after the 4th of July I started brush hogging on the Indian Creek, this was made difficult by so much surface water. The skunk gabbage in some places was over 4 feet high. On the cabin side of Arapaho Pass I'm cutting old growth sage as well as going over some of the ground I cut 2 years ago. The silver sage grows back at the rate of about 6" a year but the cutting kills a bunch of it. As i've mentioned before the cutting opens up a lot of the ground to sunlight that the sagebrush and buck brush were shading. It also helps to prevent the erosion that occurs when water runs off around the base of both of these plants. Grasses and wildflowers come back like crazy after the cutting.  On the 181 side of the Pass I still have some cutting to do over the next several days and this will mostly be old growth. The upper end of the Y draw and the south side of the Little Bowl are the areas scheduled for cutting. I've been taking pictures of the work and the results and when I get time I will build a page for this website with the results and pictures.

The elk are everywhere, most of the cows have twins. Bears are like wise out in large numbers, but I haven't seen any sows with cubs yet.  Antelope are likewise in good shape with most of the does carrying two fawns. The deer seem to be in better shape than they have been in the last several years. Bucks are numerous, but I've only seen two fawns. It's hot up there so I would expect it to dry out and we will probably see a fire ban prior to archery season. More next week.

The left over list of licenses is supposed to be out on July 29th and then the left overs go on sale August 5 along with all the other licenses.

12-3-13 Well it didn't turn out like I hoped it would but some got elk more didn't. Where were the elk? Good question and nobody seems to know. It's possible because of the bitter cold and the howling winds that the elk went to really heavy timber. We know that they were bunched up at least part of the time. There were 500 on Indian Creek opening morning of the 3rd rifle season, and they went onto the Bear Mountain Ranch, never to be seen again. In the early rifle seasons the elk we did kill were mostly bulls. Later it kind of leveled out for cows and bulls. During the archery seasons it rained, everyday during the 2nd week, and nearly the same during the 3rd week. For the rifle seasons we had snow from the 1st season on. When we left Indian Creek on the last day of the 4th rifle season we had 14" of new snow and the wind was blowing at least 30mph. Bears were abundant this year, more so on the Coyte than the Indian Creek. During the archery season on the Coyte some hunters got to watch 2 lions having a hell of a fight. Others got to listen to them screaming. During the 3rd and 4th rifle season at Indian Creek we also had lions, one hunter saw the same lion three days in a row. It was close enough to him that he could tell it was a female and was not nursing kittens. In the 4th season 2 lions were seen on the north side of North Rider. The lion numbers may be up because the deer numbers look to be up. Increased deer numbers don't appear to apply to bucks. Big Bulls were taken by a number of hunters on all of the ranches, we're always glad to see that. The only stats that were up were the rifle stats for the Buffalo Pass. Oh well maybe we will do better in 2014. Food plot on both the Indian Creek and Coyte ranches may help hold game, we'll see. Cutting sagebrush on the Indian Creek has given us more grass in some pastures and we will cut more in 2014.

Next week I'm off to Texas to try and line up some hog hunting. Should have an answer for all you hog hunters by the 15th. Wish me luck.

10-27-13 Just came down from the ranch (Indian Creek) late this afternoon after spending the 1st two rifle seasons in camp. I want to thank all of you who inquired about my health. Thankfully my heart is doing fine,with the exception of some shortness of breath. The damn kidney stones have not re-occured which is something else to be thanful for. Luckily I have good staff people who can step in for me. I couldn't have made it this year without the help of Chuck Cross. He spent the entire archery season on the ranches and then babysat me during the 1st and 2nd rifle seasons. Realizing that I ain't getting any younger I had a flat bed made for the Polaris Ranger. This set up allows for one person to load and transport an elk. It was built by Roger Schmidt, who staffs the Coyte 1st season. Stop by Indian Creek and look at it if you think you might be interested in one.

Hunting success rates are going to be in the 30 to 40% range for the first 2 seasons, I think. Haven't had time to figure them yet, but I do know that we are killing way more bulls than cows. We'll see if that holds for the next two season. I'm headed back up on Wednesday. Stay tuned.

9-11-13 A big hand goes out to voters in Colorado Springs and Pueblo for their successful recalls of two state senators who choose to ignore the wishes of the voters. In Colorado's first recall of a senator, the Senate President and a Senator from Pueblo were ousted yesterday for their support of Colorado gun control bills which became law this year.  While Senate President, John Morse, came from a very conservative district in Colorado Spring and his defeat was not suprising. Pueblo Senator Angis Giron is from a heavily Democratic district and was booted out by members of her own party. Hopefully this will bode well for the mid term elections. Perhaps the rest of the vipers who voted for more gun laws will be thrown out.  We also need to remember the Democratic govenor who signed these bills.

6-17-13 Gee, I think we have arrived.  H.L.  Mencken (born 1880 - died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Socialist.  He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920 edition:  "As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents , more and more closely, the inner soul of the people.  On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and completely narcissistic moron."  ----H.L. Mencken

6-9-13 Spent Wed, Thur, and Friday of this past week on the ranches. We were preparing ground for the planting of food plots. The herds look to be in great shape. Where I brush hogged sagebrush last fall on the Indian Creek we have really good grass coming back. When we went in on Wed. evening the big meadow below the cabin on Indian Creek was covered with elk, All were cows and calves. Saw elk on all parts of the ranch. The Coyte was the same story. Lots of bear sign on the Coyte. Saw 40 plus cows and calves on the Trownsell under the dam on West Arapaho Res. in the willows. Thursday evening we went to Steamboat Springs and the elk were thick in the willows along Hwy. 14 all the way to Muddy Pass. Coming back it seemed like they were all in the middle of the road. We saw no bulls all the time we were over there, this is not unusual for this time of the year though.  Coyotes have made a big come back it seems. We saw 6 but only one was shootable. Rnach manager on the Arapaho said he killed 17 just around his calving pens.  We will try to take out a few more before the seasons start.

4-23-13 For those of you who are always looking for a better way to remove copper fouling this may interest you.  This guy tested 39 different solvents for a 24 hr period. The KG-12 solvent is a water based solvent that the military uses to clean artillery barrels. Since its water based there should not be a worry about it damaging barrels. Having not used it yet myself I checked with another retired LE officer who has used every product known to man (his words) to clean copper and he swears by this stuff. See the test results here.  http://www.thesacskit.com/kg/KG12testresults.asp

4-11-13 Politicians can't seem to help themselves, they just continue to piss me off. 13 NRA "A" rated Senators voted to advance the Administrations gun control plan today. I have already emailed the NRA and demanded that they downgraded these idiots to "F".  Any who voted for this plan or for the UN Small Arms treaty are taitors and should be treated as such. Politicians who betray their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States should be hounded from office either by recall or at the next election. Our Colorado Senators are two of the worst they voted for both of these pieces of crap.  My new hobby will be to work to see that neither are re-elected. This goes for our governor and all of the traitorous state law makers that are destroying our once great state.

3-30-13  BOYCOTT COLORADO HUNTING!  This is like getting castrated because you think the neighbors have to many kids. Let's look at this cry from the lunatic fringe. Why in the hell would you go after the very people (gun owners and hunters) who fought against the recently passed unconstitutional gun laws in this state. Before you say "well this guy has a stake in hunting" let me say I damn sure do, But you also need to remember that I have been fighting gun grabbers since before many of you were born,  The legislators who voted for these bills are not hunters (for the most part), and do not make any money from hunting or hunters. Most of these left leaning dimwits are from the Front Range of Colorado ie; Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and even some from here in Fort Collins. You can be assurred that these bills were pushed and passed by Democrats. Colorado Democrats were bought by East Coast and Mayor Bloopbergs money. Most of these dippy dems are not hunters and most are tree huggers who would like nothing better than to see a reduction in the number of hunters. With fewer hunters it will be easier to pass laws that restrict hunters, or that will bring back wolves to Colorado, or to list prairie dogs as endangered. The Boycott Colorado fringe is bitching about Colorado Parks and Wildlife running ads to keep from losing hunters. Well good for CP&W for trying to assist those of us in the hunting industry. Colorado Parks And Wildlife is an enterprise agency and as such receives NO general fund moneies, they must exsist on the monies they receive from licenses and federal money (Pittman-Robinson, etc.). The Legislature has no control over them other than the Gubenor appoints the head of the agency. If the Boycott Colorado group really wanted to hurt the people who were responsible for these phony feel good laws they would ask people to stay away from the Front Range, from the ski areas, to not attend conventions in Colorado, to not send there kids to Colorado colleges, to not deal with any Colorado business that prohibits concealed carry on their premise's. The Boycott group would urge people to support and attend the Great Western Stock Show, to support farmers and ranchers, small business'e in small towns that cater to hunters. They would urge vacationers to Colorado to go to the West Slope, or the 4 Corners region or the San Juan region, anyplace but the Front Range. They would further urge out of state business to not buy from Democrat owned businesses here in CO and they would make available a list of those enitities. They would also urge Colorado residents to not frequent these same buinesses.

OK, I'm winding down now. I would like to invite all gun owners and freedom loving people in Colorado and across the nation to join me in my new hobby. That is getting these left leaning Obozocrats denied another term whether it is in the House or Senate either State Or Federal. In Colorado's case we also need a new Governor with some cajones.  If voters don't wake up we will find we won't have anything to vote on.

2-13-13 For those of you who are reloaders and dislike trimming brass I have a product you may be interested in. We all know how time consuming this procedure can be especially if you are trimming 2 or 300 rds at a time. In the past I have used an RCBS Trim Pro 2 and a 3/8" drill for power. Recently I purchased the "World's Finest Trimmer" by Little Crow Gunworks, Got it from Brownells for under $70 including the shipping. These are made for a family of rds. with the same shoulder. The one I got is for .223 of which I and my grandson's shoot a lot. Once adjusted you should not need to re-adjust. I adjusted mine using a Hornady Lock-N-Load Overall Length Gage Modified Case. With this gage it gave me a trim length of 1.753. I always trim brass after it has been fired once and thereafter use an X die. The instructiona are very simple to follow and it takes about 3 minutes until you are up to speed. The instructions say you should be able to do 10 cases a minute. That is no sweat. The video on Little Crow's website says you can do it while watching TV. If you do I would suggest that you put a piece of duck tape or electrical tape over the 2 holes in the trimmer that are clean-out ports. If you don't, the trimmer throws brass shavings, and if you're married and doing it over carpet you are asking for a ass whoopin or worse. Actually I use tape in my gun room just to make cleanup easier. I did 210 rds. of .223 in under 20 minutes. The trimmer leaves an outside burr that the maker says will come off in the tumbler. I trim after tumbling and then run them through my RCBS Case Prep Center. Power for this trimmer is from a 3/8" drill, I have not tried chucking it up in my drill press but suspect that would work also. It's fast and it's a bunch cheaper than the trimmer from Dillion.  Midway has some of them for odd-ball calibers on sale right now for $50.

2-13-13 It always helps when the anti-gun people trot out their idiots. Unfortunately this dip stick is from the profession that I called mine for almost 30 years. http://www.youtube.com/watch/v=eYmDEIH4H3A

1-29-13 Looks like Kansas hunters now have something else to look out for when hunting coyotes. Tests have confirmed that a wolf was shot last month in Trego County in weatern KS. A Hays, KS TV station reported that DNA testing done by the US Fish and Wildlife Service has confirmed that the animal was a western Great Lakes Gray Wolf. The last confirmed killing of a gray wolf in KS was in the winter of 1938-39. The carsass has been turn over to the Feds. Guess that means KS now has to come up with a management plan for wolves.

1-22-13 Amazingly we still have hunts available in the 1st season on the ranches. I thought with the great 1st we had last year these would sell out on the 15th. Fooled me. It also suprised me that the 2nd and 3rd are selling as fast as they are. So I guess if you want to hunt this year you need to get off the pot.

1-22-13 I was at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week and it was fantastic. 63,000+ attendees, 1600 vendors, and 630,000 sg. ft. of displays. Every AR manufacturer in the counrty was there and every one of them said the same thing, all of their 2013 production was sold out. Dealers were crying the blues because they couldn't get mags for the AR's.  Talked to one dealer who had just placed an order for 6500 (yeah that figure is correct) 1911's. New guns were in abundance, Kimber showed a new version of their Mountain rifle and several new carry models of the 1911. Kahr had new guns. Glock had the new versions of compact models (C) the little 10mm with the smaller grip frame is a sight to behold. Bet it will be tough on guys with big hands. New shotguns all over the place. Talked to the guys from CCI about the difficulty of finding Mini Mags, they said they are producing them as fast as the equipment allows. Lots of interest in the reloading equipment. Dillion Precision Reloading had Cathy Rankin at their booth, she is drop dead gorgeous. Most of you have probably seen her on the cover of "The Blue Press".  Savage has a new tack driver out that will be a big seller. Lots of knife manufacturers where there, Puma has a batch of new offerings at a lower price point. Spyderco  had some intersting folders. Benchmadw now owns Lone Wolf Knives. Kershaw continues to produce some of the best production knives on the market. We only covered parts of three levels at the show, we didn't make it into much of the law enforcement products. I did check out the new sound suppressors (silencers) from Sure-Fire and they look really well built. Remember that anyone who can own a firearm can own a suppressor, if you pay the Federal tax and don't live in a state that prohibits them. These should sell very well in Texas now that you can use them on game. Hogs will catch hell from them.  For those of you who have been to Vegas somethings never change; the slots don't pay off worth a damn, the older ladies are still in the casino's by 10am to play black jack, the hookers have pretty well been chased from the strip, and the hotels are still overpriced. Something new I noticed was that I had never seen that many push up bras in one place in my entire life. In hindsight I should have gone into ladies undergarments instead of law enforcement all those years ago. For those of you who think you might like to attend in the future, keep in mind that this is an industry show, it requires pre-registration, and costs $50 a head. Attendees are restricted to retail dealers, their employees or trades related to the industry, ie hunting outfitters. So find yourself a dealer and ride his coat tails. Also for you math people if every body there coughed up $50 that makes the gate worth 3.15 million bucks.

12-19-12 This rambling is more of a rant.  2013 would be a good year to hunt because if the liberals and politicians get their way we might not have anything to hunt with in the future. And don't kid yourself about them just wanting the AR's. There is no difference in the mechanical operation of an AR and your Browning BAR, your Ruger 10/22, or a Remington 1100. The school shooting was a terrible tragedy but more gun laws won't prevent this kind of thing if the perp is determined to kill. The current administration will use this event to further its own agenda which is the destruction of the 2nd amendment. Already liberals are talking about the need to repeal concealed carry laws, which didn't have anything to do with this shooting. I believe the goal of Obama and the libs is to turn this country into a socialist society. And that won't work if you have an armed populace. Once you control the guns you can control the people.  If you have any question as to where I stand politically, let me make it real plain. I am a staunch conservative, but not a member of the Republican Party. I think I should be able to spend the money I work for as I see fit. I don't think I should be required to pay for the lifestyles of those people who refuse to work. I don't think society should let them starve, but I don't think if they are not working that they should get free cell minutes, or child day care, or completely free health care. Nor should they be driving a new vehicle. I'm tired of supporting these loafers. And I would include most politicians in that category too. Too many of our representatives are liars, thieves, womanizers, or worse. They give themselves raises every year and exempt themselves from the laws they pass. They serve one day and have a retirement plan for life - what the hell is that all about?  I don't want anyone to think I'm too extreme, but I think women have a right to choose whether or not to have a child. I believe the practice of locking up dope smokers for a lenghty period of time makes as little sense as does our courts refusal to lock up drunk drivers who are involved in fatal accidents. I also believe you should be a US citizen to get benefits and I don't think just because you are born here you should be given citizenship unless at least one of your parents is a LEGAL US citizen. And why shouldn't you be required to show a photo ID to vote. And foreign aid should only go to those countries which support the USA not to some third world dictator to shore him up while we mine his tin, or minerals, etc. I'm tired of seeing our country support governments whose religious leaders want to see us all dead. And letting these radical bastards come to the USA with no restrictions of any kind is just plain dumb. Our overall immigration policy sucks.  But back to the gun thing. Let's arm teachers, but not like they do pilots (that program costs millions and is more convoluted than breeding elephants). Let local or state Law Enforcement set up the program and get it done. Let's make concealed carry legal in every state with reciprocity between the states. And mental health issues and treatment should become center stage with more funding. The over dosing of America should also be looked at in regard to these people who feel a need to kill school kids. And Gun Free Zones, that really works well doesn't it. As long as schools are gun free why wouldn't a crazy pick a school to make a name for himself. Remember that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  For almost 30 years I put on a weapon and went to work every day, and most of that time was spent investigating crimes and crime scenes. I can tell you that yes some of the criminals I came in contact with were nuts. But a large majority of the crimes were committed by people who just liked to do evil, or who were just plain bad folks. Contrary to what some Dr's. would like us to believe, too early potty training is not an excuse for criminal behavior.  I still wear a weapon every day because quite frankly we didn't catch them all and they are out there breeding more misfits.  And now comes the Obama administration which wants us to disarm and become a socialist society with the government providing for all of our needs and wants. For me folks, I take seriously the oath I took all those years ago to support the Constitution, and  I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

12-19-12 We had a great hunting season in 2012. We saw more elk in more places on the Indian Creek this year than anytime in the past 10 years. The Coyte was also very good, especially in the 1st and 2nd rifle. There was lots of forage and water everywhere on all of the ranches. We saw more bears than ever before, and the CPW (Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the new name) finally upped the number of bear licenses available in North Park. Deer numbers continue to be down for bucks but seem to be increasing for does. (?)  Antelope numbers are definitely up as are moose.  We brush hogged a big chunk of the Indian Creek this year and plan to do more in 2013. Some of the area we cleared in 2012 will be food plots in 2013 for both cattle and wildlife. 

7-24-12 If you are looking for the left over license list which was supposed to be posted July 19 on the CPW web site you'll have to keep looking. A recorded message on the main number 303-297-1192 in Denver now says the list will be posted on July 30th.  These ds's could screw up a soup sandwich, this is typical of the inept workings (or not workings) of this agency, it's the same old thing every year. Each year the posting gets later, this year with only 2 weeks from posting to sale (if the posting is done on July 30th). There you go, they got me ranting again.

6-27-12 Colorado's "Summer of Fire" continues unabated on the Front Range.  Here in the Fort Collins area the High Park fire covers 133 sq. miles and has burned 257 homes. My home is in the middle of the fire, but we have been told the house and buildings are standing and sound. We will find out tomorrow when we are finally let back into the area for the first time in 13 days. I'm not looking forward to dealing with a large chest freezer which is full of meat which has not had electricty since June 16.  As for the ranches it is dry over there but they have been getting afternoon showers and no fires. We finally got the last of the roads and trails cleared on the Coyte this past weekend.  I should have landowner vouchers in hand by Wednesday of next week. I don't know what we got or how many but would except antelope and early deer.

5-17-12 The Colorado Wildlife Commission met on Tuesday and set the number of license which will be available for this fall. The number of bear licenses statewide will go up 26%, from about 14,000 last year to 17,604 in 2012. The number of moose licenses are also going up, from 177 to 219.  Antelope licenses will decline by 7%. Limited elk licenses will decline by 2.2%, in our areas this will affect the 1st and 4th rifle seasons. There will be no changes in over-the-counter tags for bull elk in the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons.  The Commission was also asked to look at putting more money into controlling predators (read coyotes) in order to increase our deer herds. They are luke warm to the idea that coyotes play a big part in the health of our deer herds.  Utah recently enacted legislation to spend almost a million dollars to control coyotes. Some of this money will be spent on increased bounties and direct control. Here in Colorado it looks like the coyote problem will have to be handled by farmers, ranches and sportsmen.  So when you hunt in Colorado keep in mind that you can shoot coyotes as long as you have a valid big game license for the unit you are shooting them in.  We need all the help we can get with the scroungey bastards.

5-14-12 We were on the ranches, Coyte and Indian Creek, on Thursday and Friday this past week clearing roads and looking at food plot sites. The ranches look good even with the below average snow pac.  Most of the snow is gone and has been for some time. Reservoirs are full but will draw down as the summer progresses. On the Coyte we saw antelope, deer, and moose. We might have seen more animals but 4 chain saws all running at once tend to move game. Going into Indian Creek we saw about 150 head of elk. It appeared that they had come off of the Trownsell and were moving across to Indian Creek. On Friday morning the elk were behind the Indian Creek cabin and moving onto the adjoining (Hayden) ranch.  Thursday in North Park it was 80 degrees, Friday morning it was overcast and 56. Before we got back to Fort Collins it dropped to 39 and we got snowed on. You got to love CO weather cause you damn sure can't do anything about it.

4-4-12 The application deadline has passed so I hope everybody got their app's in to the state.  Some folks waited until the last minute but that always happens. Good luck in the draw.  The snow in North Park is gone out on the flats and meadows, the ice is off most of the larger lakes and the spring fishing is in full swing.  Unless we get a bunch of snow this month we will be at below normal snow pack for the year. Low snow pack tends to concentrate the animals around existing water and springs, and as you who have hunted our ranches before know we have permanent water on all of the ranches.  I'll be over on the ranches next week and will update you then. It won't be long now before the little prairie dogs start making an appearance and the coyotes are very aactive right now. If you have the opportunity to shoot coyotes, do so, every dead coyotes means another fawn saved. For those of you who have turkey openers this month, good luck.

3-12-12 Rumors are defined by Webster as: talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source, Hearsay. Or a statement or report current without known authority for its truth.  So instead of asking me, some folks prefer the rumors. Lets address some of them. 1st, archery hunting on the Coyte, nothing has changed as far as the hunting goes, still 4 weeks of archery. There have been some ranching changes in the past several years; to wit, it is now a yearling operation and not a cow/calf operation. For 25 years we hunted under the cow/calf structure, times and owners change and the hunting operation is only a small part of the total gross income for the ranch.  Yearling operations require more hands on, with cow/calf you can open the gates and the cows will bring the calves home. Not so with yearlings. With yearlings you have to ride everyone of the little devils out and thru the gates.  Some hunters have complained about this change, but others have said they have not been affected by the change. The bottom line is that I don't have a say in how the ranch operation goes. I have talked to the owner and have found him to be cooperative with my concerns and what I want to try on the ranch.  He is going to try going into the ranch with calves earlier in the season so that they can be off of the back of the ranch (behind the parking areas) by the time the archery seasons start.  We are also going to try establishing some food plots on the ranch this year (also at the Indian Creek). 2nd and this is not a rumor, Duane and Matt will not be staffing the Coyte during the archery season. They decided to not hunt this year for reasons of their own.  Duane and I have worked together for over twenty years and I left the door open for him and Matt to return at any time.  A lot of my staff are getting a little long in the tooth so this year you will see more new staff guys. I should have started this process several years ago but kept putting it off, now I have no choice.   A few rumors have circulated about the Buffalo Pass, most of these are probably true.  This year we will only hunt the last 2 weeks of the archery season. Many of you know that I, personally, don't like the first couple of weeks of archery as I think it is usually to hot and dry for good archery hunting. When I was hunting with a bow (before my shoulder went to hell) I generally held off until late in the season. My thought on the Buffalo was that this would give the elk more time to settle down after they bring the cattle off the north end. But along with this change we worked out some other good things. On the Buffalo we will now have a PLO hunt for 4 hunters, an antelope hunt for 2, and a moose hunt for 2. The rifle season has not changed we will hunt the first three seasons. Some have asked me why we don't hunt the 4th rifle season on the Buffalo. These are people asking who have never been in there when it snows, those who have been snowed in on the Buffalo don't typically come back to the 4th rifle and with good reason.  We hunt the Indian Creek about 3 out of every 5 years with over 2 feet of snow in the 4th and it doesn't cause us the problems that 12" to 16" causes on the Buffalo. One other thing that I've been doing for several years and just not mentioning it is hunting the Trownsell with the Indian Creek, just seems to make sense.  We have another piece of ground that the PLO hunters can use if they wish in Unit 16, just ask the staff about it.  And if you hear any rumors, and want the straight of it, then contact me.

2-15-12 I could say I've been a little lax in my Ramblings but everything i could say has been covered elsewhere on this site.  Last year was down a bit but better than some recent years. This year is looking up as the weather has been more in the normal range. Not a lot of snow and the animals are faring well. Keep in mind that March and April are our big snow months. The thing about late snows is they don't last long, we get the water we need and they don't put much stress on the game animals. That is all good.  Our hunts are selling very well this year with some of the ranch seasons already sold out. We have more archery openings still left than usual this year.  And I haven't heard from many blackpowder hunters who have the necessary points to draw a license. It seems that BP hunters think they can apply and draw. Don't work that way.  As soon as the run-off is over we will start on food plots, something new this year at both Coyte and Indian Creek.  A couple of other things for 2012, we will offer PLO hunts, antelope and moose hunts on the Buffalo Pass Ranch. Right now I'm just taking care of paperwork. I will be out of the office from 2-21-12 until 2-29-12 but you can reach me on my cell phone. I'm going to spend some time shooting at the Scottsdale Gun Club with a couple of other old retired LE types. I also plan to look over a bunch of Indian pottery, and to lose some money in the Casino's in New Mexico. It better be warm down there or I'm going to be upset.

9-22-11 The rut hasn't started, the elk are barely talking, it's hot, the aspen have only a tint of yellow, and did I mention it was hot.  Other than those things the hunts are progressing well. The 1st season rifle hunters should enjoy hunting during the rut this year, and the 4th season guys will get into some 2nd rut activity.  The high spot this year is for those with bear licenses, we are standing at 100% success for September bear tag holders. Honestly the success rates are way down for archery and black powder. And Josh Dilley of the DOW in Walden says it's that way over the entire North Park area, you hust can't expect good hunting when it is in the 80's and 90's. And so goes the hunting.

8-24-11 The elk season has gotten off to a great start. This year we needed to put some cow elk hunters on a piece of ground leased by the Coyte Ranch. I decided that these early hunters would be kids. So last Friday morning the first three of my young hunters set out to kill a cow and all three were done by 7am. Another youth hunter will give it a shot this coming weekend. I love it when a plan comes together.  Regular PLO hunters this year will also be able to hunt this property as an alternative to the Coyte and Indian Creek.

Archery season opens this Saturday. Elk are around in good numbers but it is hotter than hell during the day. With late afternoon rain showers I think most of the hunting will occur in the first couple of morning hours and then again in the late afternoon. Most everybody ought to be able to catch a nap after lunch this year. This will work out better as every one will be rested for sitting around and telling lies in the evening.

7-22-11 Just a quick update as to hunting. The CDP&W (new name for the Colorado Division of Wildlife as of 7-1-11) will not be posting the list of left over licenses until next week. Seems it takes over a month to figure out how many left overs they have. By looking at the drawing summaries we can get some idea of whats left but sure as hell if we use those numbers the CDPW will find a way to screw us up.

On a positive note the snow is melting or is gone in most spots. That's good because it let's my landowners get in and repair roads damaged by run off water. When you get snow packs that are 300 to 400% above normal it makes for a lot of water. It also makes for lots of forage.  Elk numbers are good on all of the ranches right now with lots of cows and calves. Bulls were in good numbers during the past month but are now moving a bit higher esp on Indian Creek. Deer numbers are hard to predict as of yet. I'll be on the ranches for 5 days next week end and will get a better feel for numbers then.  At things considered this should be an excellent hunting season, unless it starts snowing about the 1st of September. That last comment is a little tongue in cheek but everything about our hunting depends on the weather.

5-6-11 I've been a little remiss in posting about this years Hog Hunts. if for no other reason than the hunting stunk I have no excuse. It was hot, dry, and the ground in most spots was rock hard. The hog also had some hunting pressure before we arrived.  When I say the ground was hard I mean so hard that the hogs couldn't root at some of the bait holes. The holes were hard to dig because the top 4 to 5 inches of ground was like a rock. The first group of 9 hunters killed 1 hog but saw hogs in good numbers. The 2nd group of 7 hunters saw fewer hogs but killed 6. The hogs weren't coming into the feeders, either morning or evening with any kind of regularity. Water wasn't a morning or evening draw. Every hog the second group killed was taken after 9am but before 11am except for one taken mid afternoon. I am ashamed to say that I never fired at a hog this year. I did kill a huge porcupine that I mistook for a hog, yea I know but at 200 yds. it looked just like a hog, color was right. I don't think this porky would have fit in a bushel basket, it was difinitely a B & C porky.  As an aside, some of my friends who went to south Texas in early April to the Ybar Ranch didn't do a damn bit better than we did up north.  Maybe next year it will be not so dry and perhaps a bit wetter. I really like it when we have snow while we are there as that fires them pigs right up.

2-14-11 The 2011 Big Game Brochures are now available. If you don't recive yours by Friday and you are on the mailing list, or if you need one call the CDOW at 303-297-1192 and request one.

2-12-11 Got a new toy and wanted to share some thoughts with you.  As you all know I'm a 1911 sort of guy.  About 20 t0 25 years ago I bought a Colt Ace. It was a great looking gun, but it was a temperamental sob. It was really finicky about what ammo it would shoot consistently. Even when you found ammo it would shoot that could change from box to box, and you had to keep it really clean.  Long story short I got tired of screwing around with it and got rid of it.  My Ruger MKII shoots well, eats everything you feed it and is very accurate. For the most part my Walther is as accurate as the Ruger but the double action feature is an abomination and it is choosey about ammo. And neither of the two is a 1911.  So for a while now I've been thinking about another 1911 rimfire.  And I didn't want a conversion unit but a dedicated unit.  So I'd been considering a Kimber, I have Kimbers and like them very much except for the full length guide rod. But the Kimber rimfire is pricey.  Chiappa Firearms also makes a 1911 rimfire but in addition to a zinc alloy slide they are kind of rough in the finishing department(and that is being kind). Price is just under $300. Talking to a couple of guys who have them I found that both were upset by the fact that after only a couple hundred rounds the guns showed wear on the slide rails and they were also finicky with ammo. Both people said they could not shoot standard velocity ammo at all in them.

I mentioned my quest to a gun store owner/gunsmith friend of mine and he said look at the GSG Model 1911. German Sporting Guns  are the people who came out 4 or 5 years ago with the 22lr look alike to the MP5. And that gun shoots like a house on fire. Departments are using it for basic training to cut down on ammo costs and give guys more trigger time.  So I go to look at a GSG 1911 and I like what I see. Retail price is $359. Found them on the net for $329. Local dealer had them for $319.  So at that price I now own one along with an extra Mag ($34).  The weapon is a basic 1911 with a couple of added details.  Stripping is no sweat but also requires the use of a small Allen wrench. The weapon has a magazine disconnect (answer to a non-existent problem) but I think it can be removed, just haven't tried that yet. Grip safety, firing pin safety, fixed sights (3 dot system), comes with two extra front sights if you need to adjust,  It is not a split breech system, the entire slide recoils.  The rear sight is drift adjustable with a set screw. The rear sight dovetail appears to be same as a Bo-mar.  The barrel is threaded with an end cap like the one on the Walther P22 so if I feel so inclined at some point in the future I can mount a can. The instructions with the gun say it is designed for HV ammo.  As with all things German the magazine is way over engineered and probable weighs 3 to 4 oz. unloaded.  The frame and slide appear to be an aluminum alloy and the finish is hard. There are no machining marks visible.  I asked the dealer I got it from how many they had sold (64) and how many had come back (1). the one that came back turned out to be operator error as when he had stripped it the first time he had put it back together with the small end of the recoil spring forward which bound up the barrel.

Ok now for the field work. I ran a brush thru the bore and used Slide-Glide on the rails.  Since it says to use HV I started with CCI Velocitor's. First clip shot flawlessly, trigger is a dream. 2nd ten went to paper at 25 yards, results about 31/2 inches. Ok so it shoots with HV, it's supposed to so not much of a test.  Went to the extra clip and standard velocity Winchester ammo. On the second shot the gun failed to pick up the round from the clip. A Q-tip and some Hoppe's on the clip and the next ten shot perfectly. Ok now 10 rds of standard stuff to paper, group size came down to under 3". Next clip to paper and I'm down to just under 21/2".  This little critter is shooting really well. Put a total of 200rds down range and never a hiccup. It was when I went to the pop can that I really started to enjoy this gun. For fixed sights it is a shooter, I was rolling that can out to 50 yds with a real regular pattern.  Since that first time I have put another 400 rds thru it and still no hiccups and no signs of wear on any of the visible surfaces. I don't intend to break it down until I've put a 1000 rds thru it unless it starts to bobble.

For hill use this gun ought to be hell on grouse and rabbits and also a light carry on horse back.  It is so much easier to shoot, and much more reliable than the Ace was. And it's a 1911.  Just thought I'd share this with you, if you get a chance try shooting one of these. I know I like mine. They also make this in a tactical model with a pic rail and you can get it in desert tan, great if you plan to hide in the desert or shot it at night.

1-18-11 If you have looked over the web site you know that 2010 was a great year, the success rates went way up. They went up in spite of snow in the 2nd and 4th rifle seasons that cost us hunting days.  Hunters are booking early this year in order to secure the hunts they want. I'm having a lot of interest in the archery hunts as usual but the rifle bookings are way up over this time last year.

I just got in late last night from a Sports Show from Tulsa, OK.  Man was that a waste of time!  I have never done a large venue show that was as poorly planned or as badly advertised as this one was. This show followed on the heels of the Dallas Safari Club show the previous weekend and there were at least 15 African outfitters at the Tulsa Show, There were more exhibitors than attendees. I always give away a free hunt at the shows we attend and over the course of three days I had 28 people register for that free hunt. So in order to prevent others from getting caught in this kind of a situation I will say that if you ever come up against Tyler Lowery of Global Sporting Expo's, or Midwest Sportmens Society just give your money to a bum on the street. It will be the same as dealing with Tyler and it will do the bum some good.  He had said that this show would bring in 20,000 people over three days with his extensive advertising campaign. But we found that no one who attended the show that we talked to had ever seen any advertising. The way most people found the show was word of mouth. A Oklahoma National Gaurd unit that is being deployed was also at the Convention Center for their prior to deployment briefing and paperwork session. Many of the gaurdsmen and their wives and girlfriends came thru the show and it gave us a chance to thank them for their service. Many of the exhibitors started taking down their booths by 2pm on Saturday and by 1pm on Sunday nearly everyone else was tearing down. Tulsa is a great venue but htis promoter is bad news.

Hunts for 2011 are quickly booking up with some of the seasons on several of the ranches already sold out. We still have lots of great hunts available so if you're interested don't wait to long.

11-2-10 Well the election is over and I don't have to worry about a new job interferring with my hunting.  I'll be in Kansas for deer season the first week in December and then in Texas for hogs in March.  We still have openings for the hog hunts.

11-1-10 Quite a bit of snow made the 2nd season tough to hunt. The guys at IC were snowed in Sunday thru Wednesday. They killed a 5x5 on opening day. On Wednesday evening they saw about 200 head on the ranch but it was to late to go after them. The next morning there were tracks by the barn and right behind the outhouse, but nothing else was killed.  On the Coyte they went 11 for 16 or 69%. 8 bulls, 3 cows. Haven't had a season end report from the Buffalo Pass staff yet.

10-22-10 Talked to the staff guys from the 1st season on Coyte and Buffalo Pass earlier today and dead elk just keep rolling in. On the Coyte 12 guys hunting killed 7 elk or 59%. Could have been higher but one group of two hunters only wanted one elk.  On the Buffalo Pass there were two small herds but the hunters didn't get into them until Tuesday, then the guy who busted them was so winded he couldn't hold his rifle steady enough for a shot. They were into them again on Wednesday but no luck. Buffalo went 0% for the 1st.  We had snow over there after I left on Monday. There is supposed to be more wet/snow this weekend. It is raining here in Fort Collins as I write this. More later.

10-20-10 Got the word this morning that we went 100% on Indian Creek for the 1st rifle, 4 bulls and a cow.  That's the first time we've had a 100% success rate on one of the ranches in 4 or 5 years.

10-18-10 Just came back from the ranches about an hour ago. It was misting when I left, possibility of snow this evening.  Hunting has been great.  Saturday morning on Indian Creek a 6x7 was killed and the hunter said there was at least 100 elk in the bunch and 25-30 were bulls.  This bull had a gore wound in his left shoulder and several of his points were broken off.  A 6x6 killed on the Coyte Saturday was in about the same shape. They also killed a 4x4 and a cow on the Coyte on Saturday. Lots of elk around.

9-29-10 I have been terrible about updating this section this year, and rest assured it is not that no one has torqued me off.  However the hunting so far this year has been really good. We are seeing a lot of elk, mostly bulls. The archers have done really well, the bp hunters did well, and the cow elk hunters are doing extremely well. Right now we are in the Early Deer season and we have at least 1 for 4 as of yesterday. Antelope opens this Saturday and we will have a 100% success rate.  We still have regular season rifle hunts available and across the counter and left over licenses are available.  It has been very warm the last 10 days and we have had no moisture, but the hunting has still been good.  I look for a very good rifle season.

1-15-10 The CDOW has posted on their website the 2010 fees and final season dates. The only surprise was that they raised the non-resident bear and cow elk licenses by $100 each and did away with statewide muzzle loading licenses. There maybe other changes but I haven't waded thru all the pages of the new regulations yet.

1-10-10 This morning in Walden at 6am it was -18. That makes for cold elk hunting.  I had 4 hunters on the Coyte Ranch this weekend with game damage permits.  The elk have been getting into the hay stacks instead of going to the Refuge.  For those of you who have hunted the Coyte, these stacks are the onws along Grizzly Creek to the north and south of the camping area.  There have been about 200 head coming into the stacks.  On Saturday they were at the far south end and were spooked by a snow machine from the adjoining ranch. No shots.  On Sunday they were on a ranch to the north of us, we could see them but no chance for a shot.  The thinking is that they are coming off of Pole Mountain during the night and coming onto the ranch then leaving just before sun up.  The question is why?  They are not bedding down in the willows or in the sage just above the Creek. Wit it being as cold as it has been it looks like the elk would spend an awful lot of energy going the 2 miles up to Pole.  But they may have food up there also.  On Saturday we did see the largest herd of antelope I've ever seen in North Park.  They were in the sage above Grizzly Creek on the ranch to the north of the Coyte.  We estimated there were 600 to 800 animals in the herd.  This is strange because most of our antelope don't winter in the Park.  When we left North Park about noon today we stopped and glassed the Refuge and sa probably 500 elk out there in one bunch.  With only a foot of snow in most of the Park not all of the elk have moved onto the Refuge but most should be close by.

12-14-09 If you've read the home page you know how the seasons went.  I was not satisfied with our kill rates but in talking to some of the other outfitters and some ranchers from up in North Park I realize I have no reason to bitch. On the north end and on the east side of the Park they had a better year than we did but not by much.  I had a south end rancher tell me that there was not a single elk killed on his place after the 1st rifle season.  Another rancher told me that his neighbor who is an outfitter only had 4 elk killed by his hunters for the total of the rifle seasons. Deer hunters had a pretty good year, not great but better than the year before.  I have to believe that the death of all the lodgepole pine has something to do with the elk movement or lack thereof.  We still have good dark timber on the ranches, except for the Trownsell (where there has never been dark timber).  The elk just don't seem to be using that which is left as much as they used to.  Removal of forest products has probably spooked some elk with the noise and heavy equipment, but none of this has happened on our ranches.  Elk just seemed to keep moving this year, they were tough to pattern.  Enough of that, better luck we hope in 2010.  One more thing, the number of moose are up on all of the ranches.  During several of the seasons we saw more moose than elk, now would be a good time to start applying for a moose license if you haven't already.

For those of you who have followed my ramblings over the years you know I am fond of referring to the the Denver Office of the CDOW (Colorado's #1 anti-hunting organization) as a bunch of "idiot savants".  I had a Dr. at Indian Creek this year who pointed out to me that this was probably incorrect usage of the term. His point was that a true "idiot savant" has occasional flashes of brilliance. He felt sure that there was no brilliance at all emanating from Denver.  My apologies to all true "idiot savants".

Its almost time to go to Texas and slay some pigs. They had a bunch of rain down there during the late summer and early fall and expect an explosion of the pig population.  When I talked to the Texas outfitter we work with the day before Thanksgiving he said one of the problems with the deer hunting this year was that they were having a hard time seeing them. I asked, "what no deer?' and he said "no, plenty of deer but all of the leaves are still on the trees and mesquite". Every place has it's own kind of hunting problems. Anyways back to the pigs, we can kill as many as we want, we can use our ATV's, we can hunt all day long and we aren't confined to a blind unless we want to be.  I've got a couple of hunters going this year who plan to use crossbows, that will be fun to see.  Me, I'm taking a new AR with a heavy barrel and a fast twist and some 60 gr. Nosler Partitions.  This bullet was hell on hogs this year out of my Rem. 700 and I think the AR will give me faster 2nd or follow up shots.  Of course I'm also taking a .44 mag S & W.  If you think you might want to try this give me a call, it's a real good time.

The Colorado Wildlife Commission will set license fee's and some of the final season dates at the January 2010 meeting. As soon as I know what they decide I'll get it on the Home page.

Chuck Cross and I will be at the Midwest Sportsman Society Expo. at the Tulsa Convention Center January 28-31, 2010. As usual we will be giving away a free elk hunt for 2010. If you're in the area, stop in, say hello, and register for the drawing. We will be booking hunts at the show so bring your checkbook.  At this time I don't know our booth number but I'll post it as soon as I know.

Any time you have a question or a comment please feel free to email me at dell@blackelkoutfitters.com

10-26-09 The snow mentioned below is the most we have had.  Other than that it has been very warm with very few elk being seen.  For the rifle hunters, when they have seen elk they have killed elk.  The second rifle on IC was terrible, we didn't see elk on the ranch until Thursday when we killed one. On Friday we killed 3 but the guys had really worked for them.  Hopefully the 3rd and 4th will be better. Stay tuned.

9-22-09 We got our first snow yesterday, it should all be gone by Friday but for right now it is cold.  This weather should help us with the rut, which is not yet full blown.  The bulls have been bugling strongly off and on for a couple of weeks but they have not gathered up cows in any large numbers.  We have large numbers of elk again this year but their movements have been unpredictable.  As some of you know the Indian Creek Ranch and the Coyte Ranch are only about 4 miles apart as the crow flies.  During the first week of the archery season there were no elk on Indian Creek and this included the private ground to the north of us.  The Coyte was covered up with elk during this same time period.  We did have elk on the Trownsell during the first week and this is somewhat unusual.  During the second week of the archery season everything was reversed, elk on IC and hardly any on the Coyte. The staff did see a large number of elk (300-400) leave the Coyte for the adjoining private land to the east the first day of the 2nd week and these did not return.  Third week of archery the elk were evenly dispursed between the ranches.  This week will be interesting especially on the Buffalo Pass.  This week is the first time we have hunted the Buffalo Pass this year and the staff has been seeing large numbers of elk over there.  On this coming Friday our PLO cow hunters will be coming in to the IC and Coyte and I think they stand a good chance of high success.  Our Early Rifle Deer hunters come in on the 28th and we have been seeing some large deer on the Coyte. We have 3 hunters for the season on the Coyte and I have a license for the IC. While I have not seen  any monsters yet on IC or Trownsell I do have my eye on a non-typical on IC that would make a nice mount.  Next time I'm back in the office I'll try and posy some success rates for the archery seasons.

8-5-09 I've been a little lax about updating this lately, but I've been busy.  I was on several of the ranches the end of July and saw lots of critters.  Saw 66 cows and calves on the Trownsell, 2 good bulls and a bunch of cows on Indian Creek.  Saw good bucks on Indian Creek and one at the Trownsell.  Everything looks real good. The cowboys told me they are seeing more bears than elk above Indian Creek.  Speaking of bears, this is another area where the CDOW doesn't know its ass from third base.  When bear licenses went on sale July 14 there were only 60 available for the 5 North Park units. We could kill 60 bears over there and not make a dent in their numbers.  Here on the Front Range we also have a bear problem.  At my home we have a smallish black that prefers to get into vehicles. He has been in my wife's truck, passenger compartment, no damage, and up in the bed of the truck. He has tried to get into the tack room on the horse trailer.  Night before last he tried to get into my grandson's pickup, but since it was locked all it could do was scratch up the drivers door.  Some of our neighbors had it get into both of their vehicles the 1st time it visited. The 2nd time it showed up both of their vehicle were in the garage, it got into both and the door must have closed behind it because it broke out a window in both vehicles.  When you call CDOW they don't even return your calls.  The bear showed up again last night while I was sitting on my deck, it stayed about 70 yds. out ignoring the dogs which were barking at it and then went to the neighbors. It came back by thru my horse pasture about 20 minutes later.  If CDOW doesn't show up soon this bear may die of less than natural causes.

I posted the cut-off dates for reservations on the home page so keep these in mind if you want to hunt.

6-6-09 Had an old timer who gets wood from me just leave with a load.  In the course of loading his pickup he said "you know 65 years ago I was one busy son of a bitch, we flew two missions on this date"  Bill was a gunner on a B-17 flying out of England. On D-Day their first mission was to bomb a crossroad in France to prevent the Germans from moving up heavy equipment. On the second bombing run of the day they went after heavy gun emplacements. His group stayed on to finish out their bombing missions over Germany.  Bill's group no longer has reunions, there aren"t enough of them left to get to together. Bill will be 86 this year and is still going strong.  He drew his antelope license this year and will also hunt elk with us. God willing he will be back in Texas with us next spring for hogs. So if you know a veteran from the WWII call him up, see how he's doing and say Thanks.

5-20-09 The CDOW website now has the 2008 success rates posted as well as the list of successful bear applicants. Moose should be out shortly and elk will be posted on or about June 9th.  My feeling is that there will be a bunch of left over licenses this year. That's good for those who held off applying and now find that they maybe able to hunt. As in years past we can buy licenses for you when the left overs go on sale in August if you don't wait until the last minute to do the paperwork.  If you go to the CDOW website to study the summaries and herd counts you will find that some of it reads as fiction but that is to be expected.  I should be on the ranches about the 10th of June and I'll let everybody know how the critters look.

4-29-09 I was in Denver yesterday at one of the wholesaler's who I buy powder from and he had some interesting info.  According to an industry release Americans have purchased 3.5 million firearms since the election. In addition they have purchased 1.5 billion rounds of ammo just from the 4 major companies; Federal (includes Speer), Winchester, Remington, and Hornady. This figure does not include the ammo that was bought from Black Hills, Ultramax, or any of the remanufactures.  All of this buying is pushing the cost of components for reloading higher, out here we are now paying $30 a lb. for powder, if we can get it at all. Federal primers are non-exsistent. At a gun show in Denver this last weekend, only one dealer had Federals and he was asking $75 per thousand for them. CCI's seem to be the only available primers right now.  The lack of jacketed bullets for 9mm, 45's and 357 have pushed the cost of lead bullets up also.

In order to build their numbers up at this critical time the NRA is offering a free one year membership to new members.  You can take advantage of this offer at  http://www.nrahq.org/nrabonus/accept-membership.asp It's beyond me why all firearm owner's aren't members of the NRA.

4-20-09 Welcome to spring time in the Rockies. The electric just came back on last evening after being off for over three days. We had 4 feet of snow on the deck of our house. We lost all or parts of 60 trees due to the heavy snow.  A neighbor came in yesterday afternoon with a skid steer and cut out my driveway. The Road Association got the roads open yesterday morning. REA had been using snowmobiles and sno-cats to get to downed lines.  Getting from the house to the barn was a treat, luckily the temperature was not cold enough to freeze the stock tanks up solid.  Yes I have a generator for emergencies, but it doesn't do much good when you wake up to 3 feet of snow with drifts and the thing is in my large work building 75 yds from the house. So out comes the camp stove so that I can cook in my garage, and melt snow for household water.  Bring up the camp laterns for light.  Use the generator in the building to run the two freezers.  Wear lots of warm clothes in the house, cause we have no heat.  What you say no fireplace?  Well my wife is allergic to smoke, so that takes care of a fireplace (and smoking cigars in the house).  We do have pellet stoves and hot water heat but you need electric for both of those. By the time the power was restored and after all of the snow I had shoveled and waded through I smelled like a goat. Thank God for hot water.  And the really sad part of the whole deal is that we would not live anywhere else. We still have another month in which the whole thing could repeat itself, but eventually spring will come.

4-16-09  WARNING according to the Department of Homeland Security you are now reading info provided by a "rightwing extremist who may be involved in terrorist activities" Why?, because I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Well I got news for them, I don't just support the 2nd, I support the entire Constitution, which is a hell of a lot more than the current administration can say.  The estimated number of gun owners in this country is 80 million (US Health and Human Services) these people own almost 200 million firearms. Do you suppose if everyone of these owners had 100 rds for each of their weapons, 2 trillion in total, it would influence the politicians?  Not wanting to rant on for to long, I'll leave you with a couple of thoughts.  Norman Thomas (1884-1968) six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America said in a 1944 speech: "The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism", they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." He went on to say: "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform." Remember that this was in 1944. Hello!  One last tidbit and I don't know the author of this quote, "Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Obama loses his."  Keep in mind that we need politicians who support the Constitution and that understand they work for us, not the other way around.

4-9-09 Well the website is finally finished and I think it looks very good. I'm still learning how to make changes to it so you will have to bear with me for a while.

Many have contacted me to ask about the hog hunting this year. It was great but different than 2008. This year we killed a lot of boars and didn't see many sows with piglets until the end of March. I think the sows were laying up giving birth and only moving at night or early in the morning. I might be wrong about that. We used a new method of baiting this year that wes really effective. We would did a posthole about 3 feet deep and fill it 1/2 full of corn and then sprinkle some corn around the hole. The deer and turkeys would get the sprinkled corn but only the hogs could root in the hole. For some reason when they got dirt rooted over the hole they would quit. It was also fairly easy to judge the size of the hog coming to the hole by the size of the root. The hog, to get to the bottom of the hole would have to root out enough dirt to get their shoulders into the hole. When you saw a post hole that was rooted two feet wide and 5 or 6 feet long you knew it was a big pig.  Several guys, myself included, shot hogs that were in the holes. The hogs didn't come out if they heard us as mine was shot with his head down the hole and with my Ranger running from 40 yds away. A post hole would last about 3 days in most cases and then we had to dig another one. The Texas soil is so sandy that it took no time at all to dig a new one.  The broom weed was not a problem this year and you could see for a long ways across the pastures.  Lots of deer again this year, both mule deer and whitetails. The ranch also had Texas Dall sheep and Aoudad on it this year.  There was one real nice Dall ram.

The 7th was the deadline for limited license applications, but if you forgot or didn't apply we can still get you licenses.  Many of the limited licenses will be available when the left over go on sale in August.  We will probably have some landowner tags for the Coyte Ranch, deer and antelope, also.  These left over licenses will be available on-line also.  It maybe the economy but we seem to have a good number of hunts still available. I have noticed that I am getting a larger number of calls from hunters who are looking to downsize from higher priced guided hunts.  If things keep going as they are next year we may be offering hunts for Democrats and maybe a few left leaning Repubs. Probably won't be able to hunt them over bait.

One last thing, if you do have any extra funds laying around buy a new weapon. Or better yet buy ammo or components if you reload. Keep in mind that they don't have to take away our guns if we can't get ammo for them.

3-4-09 I'm going to be in Texas with hog hunters from March 6th until March 25th.  You can reach me on my cell phone during that time period. 970-215-9595.  The CDOW is now saying we have over 11,000 elk in the North Park area with a bull/cow ratio of 26 per 100. Sounds good but is most likely BS.  Snowpack for the whole state is 120% of normal but as for North Park it is below normal. Only about 6 feet at the Indian Creek cabin.  Of course our big snow months are March and April over there.  Here on the front range we haven't had much snow...yet.  Another thought from my fertile brain, If you are a gun owner and don't belong to the National Rifle Association, get off your ass and join. Gun owners have never been in more peril than we are right now. It's not the money that the NRA needs (well of course they need that too) but the numbers. Politicans look at large voting blocks and LISTEN.  Many folks tell me they used to belong but got tired of all the mailings they got from the NRA. Well I'm a Benefactor member and I get a hell of a lot more mail from them than annual members do.  Just cause you get it don't mean you have to open it.  I make two donations a year and to hell with the rest of it.  Regardless of what you think of the NRA they are the voice of gun owners and deserve your support.  And unless you've forgotten, you can't hunt with us unless you belong to the NRA.

One Big Ass Mistake America

3-4-09 Been a bad week. The owner of the Coyte Ranch, Dave Meyring, was killed in a horse accident on the 24th of Feb.  He was buried on the ranch this past Sunday. There was a memorial service in Walden on Monday. With the exception of the county fair it was the biggest turnout I've ever seen in Walden.  Dave was highly respected and liked by a lot of people from all over the state. He was my friend.

2-18-09 Off to Rapid City, SD in the morning for the Black Hills Boat, Sport and Travel Show. If you live in the Rapid City area stop in and see us Feb. 20-22.  I'll be back in the office on the 24th and then I'll settle down and bring this page up to date.

2-11-09 Ok, I'm Back.  We have been updating this website for what seems like for ever. In order for the site to open on the new equipment that is out there it had to be reconfigured from the bottom up.  Hang on cause I've got lots to bitch about and it will be coming at you.

9-8-08 The first week of the archery season was about like usual, hot and dry. Even though we had morning temperatures in the 20's by noon it was back up in the 80's. Just a sprinkle of rain on 8-31. The higher the ranch the better it was. On the Creek the success rate was 66.6%, on the Coyte 47% with one archery bear that will easily make P&Y. The Buffalo Pass hunters took no elk. For a first weekend that included Labor Day there were not many hunters on the forest. The 2nd week is not shaping up much better, today at the Creek it was in the 80's with light breezes. That really makes for dry hunting conditiond. On the 7th I brought out a 4x5 bull for one of the hunters on the Creek, it had been with two cows and showed evidence that it had been fighting pine trees. They are starting to bugle, but we need some colder weather to turn them on. I'll be back in Fort Collins on the 21st or 22nd and will bring you up to date then.

6-11-08 The Colorado Division of Wildlife has posted the results of the limited license drawing for elk on their web site. Deer results should be posted tomorrow, the 12th. The left over list of limited licenses should be available around the 7th of July and the left over licenses will go on sale on August 12th. We will be able to get you licenses for the 1st and 4th seasons if you are interested and the licenses for the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons are still available over the counter.

6-10-08 Let me apologize for not keeping this section up to date but we have been working on the site. Some of you have been emailing me to ask about the hunting in Texas. As some of you know I have been hunting hogs in Texas for the past 13 years. 12 of those years we were down south of San Antonio, this year we hunted southeast of Amarillo. The hunt this year was the best hog hunting I have ever had. The ranch we hunted was flat covered up with pigs. The weather was perfect for hunting and the wind was only a problem on parts of several days. We hunted on 16,000 acres of a 360,000 acre ranch. The ranch consisted of large mesquite flats, deep canyons, and tree lined creek bottoms. Lots of windmills dot the ranch and the windmills all have tanks. The accommodations consisted of a double wide that slept 8 and a staff bunkhouse. There was a skinning area with a freezer and running water. We did our own skinning. In 2009 the rec. room/bar will be completed and available for our use as well as a new skinning facility with running water and walk in cooler. The food was prepared by a local ranch wife and brought in. In 2009 I intend to take a cook down with us and we will prepare all of the food. As for the hunts the 1st group of 8 hunters killed 20 hogs. The 2nd group of 7 hunters killed 10. We saw more hogs during the 2nd hunt than we did in the first. I will only say that you need to do some practice shooting before going down there. I was able to kill 2 hogs with a handgun and 4 with a rifle, the other guy who helped me with the hunt killed 3 hogs, 2 with one shot. These 7 hogs were in addition to the ones killed by the 2 groups of hunters.

Always before the hunters have been friends of mine or local hunters from the Fort Collins area. In 2009 we will be offering hog hunts during the month of March. I will set up a page on the website with pictures and prices and dates. At this time I expect the cost to be $700, with unlimited hogs. Price will include meals and lodging. You will be able to use your ATV if you want to bring it. We will offer both bow hunts and gun hunts. Stay tuned for more info or call me.

1-11-08 2 things. 1st, its getting close to the 15th, all hunts not spoken for by then go on sale to new hunters. 2nd, and this may only be important to me but hear me out. Nebraska passed a Concealed Carry Law a year ago that contained no provision for reciprocity or blanket recognition that honors CCW's from other states. As a former law enforcement administrator I know that CCW's reduce serious crime. If Nebraska see's fit to deny me the opportunity to protect myself while in Nebraska then I have the option of not doing business in or going to Nebraska. After the Mid-Nebraska Sport, Boat and Travel Show in early February (which we booked early last year) we will not be doing any business in Nebraska. We will still accept hunters from Nebraska, we just won't be hunting, fishing, traveling, or making purchases in Nebraska. That will be tough because we make a lot of trips to Cabela's. However I feel very strongly about this issue and this is a personal decision. If you are a CCW permit holder or just concerned about your 2nd Amendment rights then I invite you to join me in boycotting all things Nebraska.

11-28-07 The update on the web site is now done for 2008, except for some hunt dates and license fees which won't be set by the state until January.

11-23-07 The 2007 stats are now posted. Call or email me if you have questions.

11-21-07 It's over for another year! We had an excellent year. I haven't got the stats figured yet but will have them up and on the site in the next couple of days. Also the lease for the Coyte has been renewed for the next three years. The other ranches will be finished up in the next couple of weeks. I'll update the site in stages this year. Stay tuned.

10-28-07 For the 1st rifle season, all ranches, the success rate was 31.3%. For the 2nd rifle season, all ranches the success rate was 50%. During the 2nd season the deer disappeared, maybe it was the snow, don't know. It was drying out pretty good when I came down today, supposed to to be nice into next week. The moose are finally moving around in numbers, we had 4 bulls together on Indian Creek on Friday. We are still hearing elk bugle but it is rapidly shutting down. One thing I've noticed so far this year is that a good number of our hunters need more practice with their weapons or put more simply, they can't shoot for shit. Next year a wounded unrecovered animal will count as a kill and that hunter will be done on our ranches. They can still go out onto public land but hopefully they will spend more time shooting. This will apply to all of our hunts. 2 more seasons to go.

10-9-07 PLO cow hunters on the Coyte had a 79.8% success rate, but the Indian Creek was only 25% successful. September bear hunters ended at 66.6%. The Early Deer season ended with 100% success rates on both the Coyte and Indian Creek Ranches. The elk were still bugling as of the 6th but have shut down since then. We have had a little snow in the last week but it was nothing to speak of. Next report along about the 29th.

9-23-07 Archers are having a great year, they killed 8 for 13 again the 2nd week on the Coyte. They dropped off to 25% for the 3rd week, and fell to 7.6% in the 4th week. 33.3% success for the 2nd week at Indian Creek, and 60% for the 4th week. Blackpowder hunters at the Indian Creek also had a 60% sucess rate. The cow elk just now seem to be coming into heat, however it maybe they were in earlier and then shut down for a week or so. Never know, you just got to go with the flow. This week we are hunting cows only. September bear hunters on the Indiqn Creek stand at 66.6 % so far and one guy is still hunting. More about the 10th of October.

9-4-07 The archers are kicking butt down on the Coyte Ranch. For the 1st week they killed 8 bulls for 13 archers and so far this week they have killed 3 bulls and 1 cow. On the Trownsell one of my lady hunters killed a cow Sunday night. It dropped almost to the shot. On the Indian Creek we had no archers the 1st week and only 4 hunters this week. They are seeing a couple of hundred elk every day, but so far no decent shots. Bears are around in good numbers, one wandered thru the Coyte cqmpground, saw 2 on the Trownsell and 1 at Indian Creek. Weather is light rains every couple of days and cool at night.

8-28-07 Archery season has started off well with three good bulls taken in the first three days of the season on the Coyte. Lots of elk around, good looking deer, and numerous bears. Stay tuned.

8-15-07 Hang On, another idiot has riled me up. Many of you may not know but E-bay is going to ban the sale of all gun parts. Specifically it is the doing of Matt Halprin, this simple suck is VP, Trust and Security for E-bay. You can read his statement and sign an online petition against this policy at http:www.petitiononline.com/ebay0001/petition.html If you believe in the 2nd and see this as an infringement of your rights I urge you to boycott E-bay and their other company, PayPal. Hopefully the NRA will also jump their stuff. There are other online auction sites where you can sell and buy firearm parts and firearms, let's use them.

8-8-07 Well the annual stand in line to get left over licenses before the computor goes down day is over. Yesterday began at 5:30 am standing in line until the retailer opened his doors at 6am. Usually I'm first in line this year I was second. Licenses went on sale at 9am. Worked out well as the guy in front of me only wanted 1 license. I had the 18 I needed by 9:45am. The retailer had a girl doing licenses who knew what she was doing and she kept the line moving nicely. It also helps a lot when my hunters provide me with all the needed information the first time and on time. Thanks to all who needed licenses.

7-31-07 Just got back from 6 days on the Indian Creek and Coyte Ranches. Rained real good 2 nights. Saw good numbers of elk on both ranches. Saw another bear and a bull buffalo (there's more to the buffalo story but you have to have been on IC to understand it)on the Indian Creek. Lot's of dead pine trees showing up on Indian Creek and the adjoining forest. Once again we can thank the government for sitting on their butts and doing nothing about the pine beetles when the tree huggers bitched about cleaning up blown down timber in a wilderness area, this provided a thriving enviroment for the pine beetles. For those of you who have hunted the Indian Creek before you will remember the game poles. We had to top these trees so they wouldn't blow over, now they look a little like Stonehedge. Since we hang game from them we will call it "Bonehedge". Only three more weeks until we move into the camps.

7-22-07 Well the big bucks I mentioned we saw on the 12th were in the same place yesterday. My youngest son was with me and while we both enjoy elk hunting it's no secret that we will both wade thru hell to get at a big mulie buck. Also on the Coyte there is an antelope buck with three horns. This isn't as unusual as it sounds and they make for a neat mount. Over on the Indian Creek we also spotted a good mulie, lots of mass, real tall, but probably won't be over 24 or 25 inches wide. This buck won't get hunted until the 2nd rifle season as there is no early deer season in Unit 181 and no deer hunting in the 1st rifle season. There is a hunter from Vermont who hunts with us in the 2nd season who will be all over this bad boy. The ranches got 3/4" of rain Friday evening but the effect will be short lived wiyh the hot weather.

7-20-07 How do you know when the DOW is lying? If their lips are moving or if the sun comes up in the East it's a sure bet. For those of you who are waiting on the left-over license list which had been advertised on their website as coming out on the 18th of July, they now say it will be out around the 25th. The pissants in Denver manage to screw this up about every year. They would cause less hard feelings if they would just say "coming soon" or "watch this site". If they keep on as they are doing now eventually the list will come out after the date they are to go on sale.

7-17-07 Had a call from Duane Kirkland last night. Many of you know Duane from hunting archery on the Coyte Ranch. Duane and his wife were on the Coyte over the weekend, mostly to ride their ATV's. Duane said they saw between 300 and 400 elk on the portion of the ranch behind the parking areas. Since the ranch has no cattle on that part of the ranch the elk have it to themselves. These are probably the same elk that had been on the State Trust Lands adjoining the ranch. There definitely appears to be more elk in the the area this year.

7-14-07 Mike Langley (new 2nd rifle season staffer for the Coyte) and I were on the ranches on Thursday the 12th. We were doing some weed control on the 2 reservoirs. The ranches look good although they are starting to dry out. All of the North Park area is under a fire ban, this probably won't lift until sometime in September. Didn't see any elk on the Coyte but did see a herd of 8 mulie bucks above the Mexican Reservoir that would make a trophy hunter slobber. Blood antlers always look bigger but even with that in mind there were 4 of these bucks that will be over 30" deer come this fall. Deer and elk were seen on the Trownsell. At Indian Creek the elk were in the Mud Draw, we saw probably 40. We also saw a big bear on the way into Indian Creek by big I mean 350 lbs. plus. It had been in a spring area and was wet and muddy but you could see that it was a real reddish color. Talked to one of the other landowners up there and he said the bear was a sow and had a cub. He thought she was larger than what Mike and I figured. He said she had been in the area of the spring most of the summer. From now on I'll pretty much be on the ranches ever week until the seasons start. I'll keep everybody updated.

6-22-07 Spent yesterday on the Indian Creek and Coyte Ranches. Got to the Indian Creek early enough to catch about 75 head of elk out in the open. For those who have hunted this ranch before, the elk were crossing from the Little Bowl to the Big Bowl by way of the salt box. The Little Bowl is being worked on now, the ranch is shredding the sagebrush on the right hand side of the road. Theey also paln to shred the area to the south of the condos. The new reservoir that the ranch is building on Diamond Creek just below the condos is shaping up nicely. It should be done and backing up water by the 15th of July. From the looks of things when it is done and full it will back up water for about 100 yds. It won't fill up this year but should have enough water to be very attractive to the game. The dozer operator told me he is seeing bear about 3 times a week at the site. One he thinks will break the 400 lb. mark. In conjunction with the building of the reservoir the roads are getting improved as well as the creek crossing on Diamond Creek. Antelope are also using the ranch, I saw three does and all had twins and one good buck. Deer are in the edges of the aspen and in good numbers. On the Coyte all of the water sources are running and the reservoirs are full. The grass is in good shape and there are no cattle on the back of the property. Elk were busy in the timber off of the south road as well as off to the north of the north north road. All total I probably saw 100 to 125 elk. Lots of deer though most of the does were in the sagebrush. Antelope are numerous, saw one bunch just above the Mexican that had 5 bucks and 2 does. One of the bucks had very impressive headgear. It rained a bit while I was on the Coyte but just enough to spot up the windshield. All in all the ranches look very good. It will start to dry out now with only small afternoon rain showers from now until September. I'm getting the itch, had to shoot a few gophers on the Coyte to scratch that itch.

3-19-07 Just got back on the 15th from our annual hog hunt in Texas. It was great, rained a bunch while we were down there, but we still got hogs. The rain put the snakes on the move and they have some really big rattlesnakes. The deer I saw were impressive too. Saw a monster 10 pt. that would have gone at least 170. Saw an 11 pt. that didn't have the mass of the 10 pt. but was at least another 4" wider that the 10. Lots of little 8's. We hunted with the Y-Bar Ranch at Tilden, TX. www.ybarranch.com Great guys, great food, really fine lodging and a great place to hunt. Give them a shout if you want to hunt hogs or deer.

3-8-07 Winter has been a long time leaving. Snow is starting to melt on the Eastern Slope of Colorado. Our snow pack on the Eastern Slope is at 180% of normal, while the snow on the ranches is at 87% of normal. The ranches still have the possibility of lots more snow as March and April are the big snow months for that part of Colorado. The spring snows don't last long and they don't bring as much cold weather as the earlier snows. That is good for the animals. Weather related die off is almost non-exsist with spring snows. Even with as much snow as we have had on the Eastern slope this year the deer here on my place are looking good, the fawns from last year are little butter balls. In order to make the last 6 weeks of winter bearable we try to get to Texas every spring to hunt hogs. We leave this Saturday with 8 guys for a three day hunt. Weather is supposed to be in the 80's all the time we are there. That means we have to look out for snakes, but other than that we should have a good hunt.

12-10-06 I spent three days last week pheasant hunting in South Dakota at Echo Valley Ranch in Wessington Springs, 605.539.1730. The website is www.echovalleyranch.com The owners, Ron and Lynn Ogren are great people and fun to be with. They offer hunting on 25,000 plus acres for all wild birds. They have a lodge for the hunters with a game room, great guides, good dogs, and FABULOUS FOOD. Ron has a 15 passenger "short bus" (it probably started life as a handicap bus) to transport the hunters to and from the hunting. When we were there it was colder than hell. The warmest day was 26, the coldest was -17 with the wind chill factor. I can handle cold, but I can't do cold with humidity. If I had worn all of the clothes needed to stay warm I would have had to shoot from the hip. SD pheasant season had been open since mid-October so the birds were pretty spooky. We saw hundreds of birds, although many went out of the fields when the bus pulled in. The first 2 days we hunted there were only 5 of us so we hunted mostly feed strips in order to be able to walk and block. That's probably the best way for a small group to hunt. Ron had plenty of these kinds of fields to keep us busy. On the last day we hunted (also the coldest) there were 14 of us and 5 dogs. This let us hunt big weed patches, CRP, and corn stubble as we had more people to block. With the wind blowing as it was most of the day you had to lead the birds by an extra zip code. Our group each got our limit of birds each of the 3 days we hunted. I think I would prefer to hunt earlier the next time as I'm a 20 ga. double barrel shooter and I like the birds to hold a little tighter. This hunt is not cheap but the hunting is well worth the price. Echo Valley Ranch offers a special rate for youth and college age hunters. So take your kids or grandkids with you, after all they are the future of hunting. Check these folks out if you want to see a bunch of pheasants.

11-20-06 Thank God this hunting season is finally over. I've been hunting several of these ranches since 1976 and this was the poorest hunting I've ever seen. The rain started on Sept. 4, since Sept. 9 we've had snow on the ground. When it wasn't raining or snowing it was warming up and making mud. Our hunters worked for every elk they killed. By the second season many of the areas elk were on the refuge near Walden and they stayed close to it from then on. Well there is always next year and realistically speaking one bad year in 30 I can live with. Thanks go to all our hunters who stuck it out.

11-1-06 MUD,I'm sick of it. When it snows and the temps are in the mid to upper 30's you get MUD. It makes hunting damn tough. We are killing some elk but not like last year. On most of the ranches the elk are there, not in the places we would expect them to be but still there. Last week (2nd season) on the Indian Creek on one day we had probably 400 elk cross or on the ranch. I was eating breakfast at about 9:45am and looked out the window of the cabin and saw 100-120 elk walking up the road into the ranch, some even jumped a cattle gaurd into the adjoining property. Deer hunting has been pretty good even with the wet weather. Not to queer the deal but maybe it will hold off on snowing for the next couple of seasons. More soon.

10-10-06 It hasn't rained for about three days on the ranches, maybe this is the start of a trend. It has not been a good fall for hunting so far. The elk are still bugling, fighting and carrying on. Deer (bucks) have been very scarce, lots of does and fawns. The buck I have seen have either been out in the sage or in the timber on the edge of the sage. The bears have been plentiful this year, I think just about everyone has seen one. Saw what appeared at first glance to be a big coyote on the Trownsell about 10 days age, now I think maybe it was a wolf. Had a white face and chest, red and white along the back, and was big. We've also been hearing some weird howling at night on the Indian Creek. Maybe we'll get lucky and get some pictures. 1st rifle season starts this Saturday, hope it stays dry. If we continue to get moisture we may have to make animal recoveries with a rubber raft. Stay tuned for future updates.

9-21-06 1st week of the archery season went well on most of the ranches, then came the rains. The 3rd week the hunters on the Coyte lost two days of hunting because they couldn't get up to the parking areas because of the mud. That same weekend the black powder hunter on Indian Creek were able to hunt but it was a mess. The Black powder hunters killed a bull on Saturday and one on Sunday, they were a real chore to get out. On the 16th we got snow, 6" at the Coyte, 4" at indian Creek. it melted quickly and then we were back in the mud. It was chilly also on Sunday 17 at the Coyte, 28 at Indian Creek. I can't remember a year when we have had this much moisture this early. The elk are here but it is tough to close the deal when the wind direction changes every few minutes. For those of you who are interested the Colorado Wildlife Commission approved the use of explosives for the eradication of prairie dogs. The national humane groups have their whinners out in force. One was quoted in our paper as saying "the amount of explosive gas used will not be enough to kill the dogs it will only break their eardrums" How long do you think a deaf pd will survive? These people obvisiously have never seen a propane explosion. I'll be back in the office before the 1st rifle season and will update this page then. Be careful out there.

7-13-06 I spent today in a Colorao Wildlife Commission meeting (This is the policy board for the CDOW). It was like being in an asylum, not from the board but from the goofballs who showed up to opppose items on the agenda. Recreational take of prairie dogs on public lands caused a real stink for the Birkenstock sandal wearing ladies from Boulder or formally of California. We can kill these little prairie rats now anytime on private ground, but for the past several years hunters were prohibited from killing them on public lands in eastern Colorado until US Fish and Wildlife decided whether or not to list them as endangered. The Feds declined to list them so the state moved to put them back on the bullseye, so to speak. The next item on the agenda was a request to allow the use of explosives in the control of prairie rats, gophers, and ground squirrels. What they wanted to be able to use was a mixture of propane and oxygen. When ignited it blows up underground, killing the rat and collapsing the tunnels. Well let me tell you the squirrels were represented. The same sob sisters who spoke before were at it again. I think both issues will pass on third reading at next months meeting. The item I sat most of the day to hear was about the killing of elk in Rocky Mountain National Park by snipers with silencers. You have to give the NPS credit, their public relations approach ain't worth a damn. The Wildlife Commission passed a resolution opposing the NPS plan unless it includes the use of hunters and ordered the CDOW to work with our federal elected officials to get the law changed as it regards hunting in the Park. This particular operation has nothing to do with hunting in the traditional sense, it is more properly describe as a culling operation. Whatever you call it if you use hunters it shouldn't cost the taxpayers anywhere close to the 18 million dollars the NPS was prepared to spend. This is your money too, if you don't like the idea of NPS wasting your money, contact your elected Federal officials.

6-25-06 I spent some time on the Coyte and Indian Creek ranches this past week and was very pleased with what I found. The ranches and the entire North Park area are very green and there is water everywhere. The creeks and rivers are still running high and the area is getting rain regularly. On the Coyte the draws all have water in them, and the grass is in good shape. Elk were seen in the middle draw as well as above the north road. The deer look good and there were numerous antelope on the ranch. On the Indian Creek the grass looks better than I have seen it for the past 4 or 5 years. The road along the south from the cabin back is a sea of mud. Elk were in the trees just below the little look out as well as in the Geek and Geeksters meadow. While most of Colorado is under a fire ban, North Park is not. While this may occur, I don't look for it to happen until later in July. That's a good thing, as the bans are usually lifed in September or early October.

6-16-06 Some people have been asking me how the hog hunting went this spring, so I thought I'd give you all a run down. One of my guys took 10 hunters and went down to hunt with Jody Starr Outfitting.(Jody Starr, PO Box 479, Fowlerton, TX 78021 830-373-4426 website www.jodystarroutfitting.com). This is the outfitters that I have hunted with for about ten years. These guys are fun to hunt with, Jody's Dad, Bill, will keep you laughing all the time you are there. If memory serves me right Jody hunts hogs on about 8000 acres and the Frio River runs through his lease. Ray and his guys killed 14 hogs, 2 javalina, and a coyote or bobcat (I don't remember which). So the success rate was 1.4 hogs per hunter. I and another guy went to the Y Bar Ranch (PO Box 375, Tilden, TX 78072 830-373-4452 website www.ybarranch.com). This ranch is about 3 miles on down the road from Jody's. There were six other hunters there besides us. This ranch has 21,000 acres, over 100 feeders and stands, and is really different from the ground Jody hunt's. This is mostly irrigated oat fields with small patches of South Texas jungle. We never hunted the same blind twice. The eight of us killed 11 hogs, or 1.3 per hunter. We saw no javalina, and no coyotes or bobcats. But in fairness to the ranch a trapper who had been on the ranch for three months had just left the day before we got there. The accommodations were the best I've ever had and the food was superb. This ranch also has fishing, sporting clays and 5 stand. Both the Y bar and Jody's are fair chase, open ranches (no high fence) and both are the same price for a hog hunt. Craig Rossi, another one of my staff guys, took 5 guys and went to the DropTine Ranch. This is a high fence operation at Pearsall. TX. (Texas Outfitters Ltd., DropTine Ranch, Pearsall, TX 78061 1-800-TEX-HUNT website www.texasoutfittersltd.com). Craig and his guys killed 16 hogs or 2.6 per hunter. Because it's high fenced this is a smaller ranch and it has only a few feeders and stands. The ranch did take the hunters out during the day in high rack vehicles to drive thru the brush and hunt. The lodge on this ranch is brand new as the old lodge burned down. Craig reports that the lodge is first rate and the food was good. This ranch cost considerably more than the other two. As for numbers of hogs, the Y Bar had the most hogs. I killed every hog I saw (3) but all of the other hunters saw more than I did. The fellow with me saw 12 to 15 and only killed one. The other guys at the ranch saw as many as 40 in one bunch. If anybody wants to talk more about the hog hunting you can call me or go to the web sites of the ranches mentioned here.

4-11-06 Well the deadline for applying for limited licenses has come and gone, if you missed it then may your mother-in-law move in with you forever. Maybe that is a little harsh. There should be left over licenses available for most species in most seasons after the draw. Those licenses will go on sale on or about August 9th. They will be available on-line or we can purchase them for you. Stay tuned and don't think it is to late to get a license in one of the limited seasons.

3-11-06 The Omaha Sport Show is now history but certainly not to be forgotten. We had a great time, met a lot of other hunters, swapped a lot of lies, and in general had a good time. The Show was held at the Qwest Center in downtown Omaha which is easy to get to from everywhere. That always makes it more enjoyable. Thanks Omaha!!!

2-27-06 We head to Omaha on March 1st for the Bost, Sport and Travel Show at the Qwest Center on the 3rd, 4th and 5th. If any of you are going to be at the show stop on by our booth E-18 and say howdy. We will have the Colorado Big Game Brochure if you need one and we can help you with filling them out also.

8/4/05 Damn that was quick. In today's issue of the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper the National Park Service says they want to use wolves to control the elk population in Rocky Mountain National Park. The article goes on to say that the wolves would be radio collared and confined to the Park. Public hunting and moving some elk to other locations won't get further consideration according to the article. The article had this quote, "I think it's an extraordinary scientific opportunity for the park to see if wolves can perform the same kind of magic that wolves in Yellowstone did," said Gary Wockner, a member of the state's wolf working group. (see the entry below ref. wolves.) I urge everyone who is concerned about our hunting rights to contact their Congressman and protest the spending of any tax monies for wolf projects in Colorado. Here in Colorado we have a bunch of these warm and fuzzy types who are "et up with the dumbass" when it comes to wolves, bears, prairie dogs, ground hogs and the yellow breasted titmouse. Welcome to our Hell.

7/18/05 Well I've heard this from two different sources now so there must be some truth to it. The Colorado Division of Wildlife (Colorado's #1 anti-hunting organization) has stated that the elk population in Colorado is so out of control that it can never be controlled by hunting alone. Well, DUH. Hell no hunting can't do the job if the simple SOB's keep cutting back on the number of licenses issued and they continue to raise the price on those licenses. If they really wanted to cut down on the number of elk in the state they should be giving a cow tag out with every bull license or they should make cow tags $10 and $25 for residents and nonresidents. I believe that the Denver HQ staff will use the over population arguement to push for the reintroduction of wolves into the state, and remember that you heard it here FIRST. Wolves would damn sure get the elk number down and the anti-hunters would be able to further restrict our hunting opportunities. I had a hunter call me and he told how he had hunted north of Yellowstone in 1997 with an outfitter for a week. During that time he said he saw in excess of 200 elk and killed a very nice 6pt. bull. Well things didn't work out for him to hunt there again until 2004, same area, same outfitters, seven day hunt. Saw 3 elk and killed none. Outfitter told him "Thank the wolf reintroduction program for your lack of success". The whinners will say that the wolves will only kill the weak and sick, yup they will, and when they run out of those what do you suppose they will kill then. There is a real good reason that wolves were killed off early in the last century, they can't co-exist with livestock or game herds. At least not if we want to keep hunting. If you haven't guessed by now the Colorado Division of Wildlife (Colorado's #1 anti-hunting organization) has pissed me off again.

If you think you might be interested in a bear hunt or any other Alaskan hunt I can recommend very highly the guide we used. Keegan McCarthy, PO Box 240034, Douglas, AK 99824, 907.723.3006. His web site is www.oceanpointalaska.com Some of you may have met Keegan at Indian Creek as he has hunted with us for the past several years. Keegan grew up in Alaska where his father was a bear researcher for the Alaskan Game and Fish. Keegan knows his bears.

Well he did it, Gov. Bill "Slick Willie II" Owens signed HB05-1266. Now you can pony up more money every year to fund some fat ass in the Denver office who wants to be warm and fuzzy about the gray bellied hairless titmouse.

BOHICA--Bend over, here it comes again! The DOW(Colorado's #1 anti-hunting organization) and some of their cohorts in the legislature are getting ready to shove it to hunters and fishermen again. HB05-1266 will raise the license fees for resident hunters and fishermen (no big suprise, this has been in the works for several years), but it will also institute a habitat stamp. This stamp is for non-game recovery work and for educational outreach. It will be required for all hunters and fishermen, even if you hunt on your own land. It will be required for non-hunters IF they want to use a State Wildlife Area but not for using the National Forests, hunters and fishermen will need it on the forest. What it boils down to is that hunters and fishermen will once again shoulder the burden for "touchy feeley" programs that the DOW wants to implement. So far this has been pretty much along party lines with the Democrats all in favor of gouging some more money from those of us who provide the real funds for conservation efforts. Anti hunting and fishing elements of the EVIL EMPIRE (CDOW) see this as a way to further erode the numbers of outdoorsmen who use renewable resources. For those residents of Colorado who are concerned about this I would suggest that you contact your representative and tell them to kill the Habitat Stamp part of this bill. For you non-residents who dislike the continuing increase in fees for hunting in Colorado, email or write to our governor and urge him to veto this bill if it comes to him with the Habitat Stamp attached. He can be reached at www.governorowens@state.co or you can mail him at Bill Owens, 136 State Capitol, Denver, CO 80203. His phone is 303-866-2471, fax is 303-866-2003. This bill is being opposed by the NRA and the Colorado State Shooting Association. For anyone who is interested you can email me and I will forward the CSSA email to you concerning this piece of crap bill.

2005 is the first year of the new 5 yr. (mis)management plan by the Colorado DOW. There are some changes, the biggest concerns the 4th rifle season which is now all by drawing. This season now starts on a Wednesday instead of Saturday. The DOW did lower the price of NR licenses by $5, that's really some help to hunters I'm sure. The 1st rifle season now starts the first Saturday after the 9th of October. That means this year the 1st rifle season opens the third Saturday in October. Then for the last 4 years of the plan the 1st rifle season will open the second Saturday of October. I guess the concept of the 2nd Saturday in October was a brain overload for the idiots and savants in Denver. The same thing applies to the way they set and raise the cost of NR licenses, it's based on the cost of living index for the Denver/Boulder area. If you're from Spider Breath, MO you probably don't give a damn about Denver/Boulder, esp.if your standard of living declined in the past several years. It will probably get worse in Colorado now that the Democrat's have regained control of the legislature here. On top of that our dipstick governor cost us a Republican seat in the US Senate. And so it goes in Colorado.

If you have questions, concerns, or just want a place to blow off steam e-mail me here and I'll include the comments of general interest in my updates.

One quick reminder, if you haven't yet renewed your memberships for 2008 for the NRA, your state shooting association, or your state's bowhunters association how about sending off a check today. While I realize that these are not the only worthwhile hunting, fishing, and firearm organizations they are the one's that usually swing the biggest club.

Look for updates on this page often, you never know when some politican or goober from the DOW is going to set me off.

Dell H. Bean