I'm back from Texas. 2014 hunt was great lokk for more about this hunt shortly, along with photos.

Since 1995 I have been hunting hogs in Texas in March. For me this is a way to make the Colorado winter a little more bearable since I don't ski. Until 2008 I'd always hunted about a 100 miles south of San Antonio. While I have had some great hunts in S. Texas none compared to the hunt we had in 2008.


In 2010 we again hunted on a large ranch south and east of Amarillo, TX. For practical purposes the hunt is structured the same way as all the previous hunts I've been on. It is a 2 day hunt spread over 3 days. We can kill as many hogs as we wish; we just have to take all the meat out with us. They provided lodging, food, limited guide service, and a walk in cooler to hang the meat. Price of the hunt was the same as in S. Texas.

It is the differences that make this hunt superb. S. Texas is a jungle: you shoot from tower blinds, down sendero's that have been corned with a feeder at about 100yds. You hunt early morning and again in the evening. In S.Texas you try not to move away from the tower because of the rattlesnakes. On the ranch we hunt now there is heavy mesquite, cactus, creek bottoms, deep canyons, lots of pastures, big rattlesnakes, and more hogs than I have ever seen before in Texas. We hunt all day if we want to, and we were able to use our ATV's. For those who didn't have an ATV we put them out by a feeder or a water tank, or on a windmill. There was only one tower blind on this ranch. The outfitter feels that the use of a tower blind negates your ability to work the wind, and this is important when hunting hogs. There were no feeders, about 20 corn postholes, and we corned the roads also. We saw hogs from 5lbs. to 400 lbs. We saw them all day, we saw them in the roads, we saw them by the lodge, we saw them in the pastures, and we saw them in the creeks. They were everywhere. N. Texas in March is generally cooler than this same time period in S. Texas and I think the hogs are more active when it is cool or cold. March in N. Texas means you could also be hunting in snow, but probably not in rain. In 2010 we had snow and rain between our hunts and the county roads were a bitch, you had to have a 4wh drive to use them. The ranch roads were fine and no problem to get around on. It was colder in 2010 than previous years, I doubt if it ever got above 60 while we were there. We saw no rattlesnake in 2010, I think because it was colder. Still everybody had snake boots or snake chaps. Cowboys that wear Russell snake boots ought to tell you something. If there is a downside to the hunt it was that we had to gut and skin our own hogs. Yeah, I know, poor baby.

For 2011 I have again arranged to book 24 slots in March for hog hunts. We will hunt on 2 ranches with about 75,000 acres available for our use. We will take a maximum of 8 hunters per hunt. Hunts will typically begin on Friday at noon and end at noon Sunday, or begin at noon Tuesday and end at noon on Thursday. In 2011 we will hunt archery and rifle together as we found in 2009 that the size of the property will allow this with no problem for either. Price for this hunt wias $700 per hunter. Sorry but there will be no price break for a non-hunting observer. You may bring and use your own ATV, UTV, or 4 wheel drive vehicle. All vehicles must remain on the two tracks. No smoking is allowed on the ranch lands or in the lodge. You may smoke inside your vehicle or in the rec. room.

2014 HOGS
Contact me for hunting reservations either by phone or email. Many of these hunts will book out quickly, but we should still be able to accommodate your group or the single hunter.

Hunt fees ($600) are 1/2 down (non-refundable) with your reservation and last half due on or before February 20, 2014 if you want to pay by check, or by cash when you arrive in camp.  The fee includes food and lodging. Each hunter will need to bring his own sleeping bag,pillow, towels and wash cloth.  We will skin our own hogs and all of the meat has to be taken from the ranch. ATV'S are fine if you want to bring them, but I would suggest you slime the tires before you come down.  We can accomadate both bow and rifle hunters.

Number of Hunts still available

Hunt Dates

March 3--5, 2014  hunts available      SOLD OUT                                                             March 7--9              hunts available      SOLD OUT

March 11--13         hunts avaiable       4                                                             March 14--16          hunts available     SOLD OUT

March 18--20         hunts available      5                                                             March 21--23          hunts avaiable      8

The last hunt March 21--23 will only be used if we sell out all of the previous hunts.

Cost of the hunts will be $600 which includes food and lodging. We will skin and care for our own hogs, same as we have done in the past.  $300 non-refundable deposit with reservation, the rest is payable in cash when you arrive in camp.

I love these hog hunts, you will see hogs.  Come join us for a great hunt in the great state of Texas and get out of the snow for a while.