24.6 miles southwest of Walden off Hwy. 14. 5000 acres of which about 3500 are huntable. Located between the Indian Creek and Coyte ranches. Elevation of about 8000 feet and the ranch is very open. This is a long range ranch with most shots being 250 yds. plus. This ranch borders the National Forest on the south side. This is a working cattle ranch expect to see cattle and horses when hunting.


This ranch was for many years one of our all season ranches. Now it is again. This is the toughest ranch we have in terms of killing an elk. The upside to this is that in all of our years of operation both the largest elk and deer killed have come from this ranch. The elk usually cross this ranch only once during the 1st rifle season. When hunting this ranch, it pays to hunt the forest also. Access to the forest land behind the ranch is very limited. This ranch is hunted in conjunction with the Indian Creek.

In order to keep movement on this ranch to a minimum there will be no camping allowed on the ranch, hunters will be able to camp at the Indian Creek ranch and drive to the Trownsell. Trownsell hunters will also be able to hunt part of the Unit 17 portion of the Indian Creek. This is a ranch that you can make good use of an ATV on.

We will offer this ranch to 2 archery hunters during each of the archery weeks, to no more than 6 hunters during each of the 4 rifle seasons, and to 2 Muzzleloaders. All numbers for hunts are subject to change at our discretion. Cost will be $1300 per hunter for archery and rifle seasons. This ranch is in Big Game Unit 17. This ranch is part of our antelope package. For Early Season Deer this ranch is combined with Indian Creek. Special restrictions apply during combined hunts.

Number of Hunts still available

August 31-September 6, hunts available: 2
September 7-September 13, hunts available: 2
September 14-September 20, hunts available: 0
September 21-September 27, hunts available: 2
Muzzleloading Elk/Deer
September 14-September-20, hunts avaiable 2
Rifle Elk/Deer
October 12-October 16, hunts available:
October 19-October 25, hunts available:
November 2- November 8, hunts available:
November 13-November 17, hunts available: 4