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DHB Inc/Black Elk Outfitters Ltd. (Colo.Lic.#1313) offers self-guided trespass fee hunts on private, Colorado Ranches. We also offer fully outfiffed and guided Texas Hog Hunts on ranches near Amarillo, Texas.

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2016 marks our 31th year of serving hunters from all over the world. We hope we can be of service to you. With Colorado having the largest elk herd in the United States it's not hard to understand why many of our hunters return year after year. It also explains why we book up so early in the year.

The Big Game brochure has been mailed out by the State, if you don't have yours yet call 303-297-1192 to get one.


The 2015 season was another tough year for hunting in our areas. Again this year it was hot, dry and dirty. We didn't get any moisture until after the third season started, then it warmed up again until the night before the opening of the 4th rifle season when we got some wonderful snow. It was not as cold as last year and we had a dark moon. It made for the best season of all for Indian Creek. Even with low sucess rates bulls made up a fair amount of the take early on, especially on the Coyte.  Later the take consisted of mainly cows. The deer seasons, while not great as usual, did produce some nice deer. The deer are coming back after a decline of several years, we saw some really good bucks on all the ranches. Our Early Deer Season had a 100% success rate.  We only had one antelope hunter this year. He took a very good buck from the Coyte, 15 " with 4 1/2 " cutters and 9" bases. We also had an archery antelope hunter who was successful with a great 70 yd. shot. Again this year we only had 4 bear hunters on Indian Creek for the September season, and we filled two of those tags. That makes bear number 15 for me over the years.        Black powder hunters killed only one cow on the Indian Creek and three cows on the Coyte. The best serason for 2015 was the 1st rifle season on Indian Creek with 13 hunters killing 8 elk. 2nd rifle on the Buffalo Pass was good this year with a 50% success rate. The disabled veterans hunt on the Indian Creek/Trownsell was real poor this year with no elk killed. Herd numbers were up for 2015 but the hot weather and the road closures on the forest provided the animals with plenty of area to hide out in. Lots of moose again this year just not during moose season. If you go to the stats page you can see how we did on each of the ranches for each of the seasons and compare 2015 with the 2 previous seasons.

.  The Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (CDPW) will post on their web site the success rates for the GMU's throughout the state in April or May of 2016. This will allow you to compare the rates of the game management units in North Park against our rates. We will also update this page when those rates are posted. We will be planting food plots in 2016 on the Coyte ranch.

Again for 2016

In 2016 we will have two PLO season on the Coyte, a 7 day hunt, August 17--23, and a 5 day hunt September 26--30. Cost for both of these hunts is $750.  On the Indian Creek/Trownsell, the costs and dates for PLO will be the same as on the Coyte..

New regulations for ATV's and UTV's are being formulated for the ranches and those rules will be sent out with the contracts. Basically if a ranch has driving restrictions and you don't want to abide by them or you want special privileges you need to find someplace else to hunt. The only exceptions to these new rules will be for staff and for our disabled veterans hunts. While some of our ranches had no restrictions on ATV's before (Trownsell) all ranches will restrict them to trails and roads, no "bush banging'".



As in the past hunters who hunted with us in 2015 have until Jan.15th, 2016 to rebook their hunts for 2016. We will start taking reservations from new hunters on Jan. 15, 2016. All reservations are subject to acceptance by DHB Inc. Reservation can only be made by phone, not by email.

For 2016 the season structure will be the same as 2015, we hope. There will be 4 rifle seasons for elk as before, but the 1st and 4th seasons will be by drawing or on left over licenses. The 2nd and 3rd seasons will be combined elk and deer seasons with bull elk being unlimited, deer by drawing. During the combined seasons bull elk licenses will be unlimited in the areas we hunt. All deer licenses for all methods of take are by drawing. Deer seasons are concurrent with the elk seasons, except for the Early Deer season which is the last week in September.  The 2016 season dates will be posted on our ranch pages.

In our areas there are always left over licenses available for the 1st and 4th rifle seasons as well as left over cow elk licenses. These left over licenses go on sale on August 2nd in person or by phone and online.. We can purchase these licenses for you or they can be bought online. Feel free to contact us about this option for hunting this year. License fees for NON-RESIDENTS are as follows for 2016.  Bull elk and either sex elk licenses are $626. Cow elk are $466.  Antelope and deer are $376.  Bear are $351. Season dates are listed on the Hunt pages.

Archery bear licenses and bear licenses for the 4 regular rifle seasons are over the counter with a cap. These bear licenses go on sale on July 26 and are first come first serve. These licenses are available by phone, in person and online.  Left over licenses will go on sale on August 2,2016 in person and online on August 3.  NOTE: Muzzle loading license are  all now unit specific. For our operation that means Unit 181 or Unit 17 on Indian Creek and Unit 16 on the Coyte. The CDPW Big Game Brochures are usually available by mid February, if you need one call 303-297-1192 and request one.



These are any hunts booked after August 10, 2016. Prices for these hunts are $1500 for regular rifle hunts and $1050 for cow hunts.  Special retrictions apply to these hunts and are as follows:

!.  These hunts are only available by calling 970-215-9595.  Our office phone (970-221-95950 will neither be answered nor will messages left on this phone be returned.

2. Once a hunt is booked you will have 5 business days to send us a certified check, cashiers check or money order (no personal checks) for the hunt fee in full. At this same time you must submit proof of NRA membership.

3.  We will send you the contract and waiver along with your map and property restriction by overnight or Priority Mail. You will then have 10 days to return the completed forms to us.

4.  These late booked hunts have NO cancellation privileges except for the death of the Client as set out in Paragraph #4 of the contract.

5.. Failure to adhere to these restrictions will result in your hunt being canceled.



The last dates for reservations are as follows:

ARCHERY               August 1st

BLACK POWDER     July 29

PLO early               July 22

PLO late                 Auguet 10

EARLY DEER           August 10

IST & 2ND RIFLE    September 2

3RD & 4TH RIFLE   October 1

MOOSE                 September 2



We expect to hunt the same ranches for 2016 subject to lease renewals. The ranches  will be the Coyte, Buffalo Pass, and Indian Creek/Trownsell. We hunt the Indian Creek and Trownsell ranches as one ranch and will continue to do so in 2016. This gives our Unit 17 hunters and our PLO hunters more ground to hunt and makes for easier staffing. All of our hunts are 7 days long except for the 1st and 4th rifle which are 5 day seasons, rifle antelope which is a 3 day hunt and the late Coyte PLO cow hunt which is a 4 day season. Please note that Black Elk Outfitters Ltd. offers neither guided nor outfitted hunts.


All elk/deer hunts on the Coyte, Indian Creek/Trownsell Ranches will be $1200 for the archery hunts and for the rifle seasons.  4th rifle cow hunts on the Coyte are $750 for cows. Buffalo Pass will be $1200 per hunter, for rifle, no archery on this ranch.  In 2016 we will offer group discounts for 6 or more hunters depending on the ranch and season. Special restrictions will apply for discounted groups.

We will offer 4 Early Deer hunts on the Indian Creek/Trownsell (Unit 17) and on the Coyte (Unit 16) in laste September These licenses are by drawing and the hunt fee is $950 per hunter. We may have landowner vouchers available for the Coyte Ranch for early deer, these are private land buck licenses and are gauranteed licenses. Cost of the voucher is $100 plus the cost of the license.

In the past we have offered a number of free youth hunts for those ages 12 to 16 when accompanied by a paid adult hunter. We will continue to do this in 2016 with the following restrictions, only 1 free youth hunt will be offered on each ranch during each of the archery and rifle elk seasons. Preference for these hunts will be given to kids who have not hunted with us before.  We will offer other youth hunts for this same age group at a reduced rate of $400 per hunter, 1 to 2 hunters depending on the ranch. Youth hunters do not count towards the limit of hunters on a ranch.

Antelope hunts will remain at $350 per hunter but the lenght of the hunt will be 3 days. For those who want to hunt on a landowner voucher (if we have any available) the cost of the voucher is $500, this is in addition to the cost of the license.

Moose are $1250.

Payments may be made with a personal check, business check, cashiers check,or money order. We do not take credit cards or PayPal.


Our ranches are all located near Walden, Colorado. This is the North Park area of Colorado, about 165 miles northwest of Denver and 40 miles east of Steamboat Springs. All of the ranches are primarily elk ranches but we do take some very nice deer every year. All of the ranches have a camping area with some type of sanitary facility. Drinking water is not available on 4 of the ranches and must be brought in by the hunter, clean up water is generally available on the ranch. All of the ranches REQUIRE A 4WD VEHICLE to get around the ranch with. ATC's and ATV's are allowed but are under the same restrictions as motor vehicles, as well a additional restrictions. . NO HORSES are allowed on any of the ranches. All of the ranches are working cattle ranches so they do have cattle out during the seasons. The ranches are staffed by our personnel to handle any problems and to provide 1st responder assistance in case of an emergency. These staff people are nearly all hunters who have hunted the ranches for years, most of them are law enforcement officers, either active or retired. They will help you with any questions or concerns you might have while on the ranch. These staffers are not guides and will not provide any services beyond those listed above. Staffers may or may not be hunting during their time on the ranch.

Additional services such as groceries, gas, motels, car rentals, meat processing, and airline transportation can be obtained in Steamboat Springs. Except for car rentals, airlines, and medical attention these same services can be obtained in Walden, which is about 25 miles from the ranches.

Out of state OHV's that are used on public lands must be registered in Colorado.  If you plan to use your ATV on our ranches only then they do not have to be registered.  Hunters on the Buffalo Pass during the archery seasons may want to register their ATV if they are camped on the forest. ATV permits can be obtained from most license agents or online. This is another example of the way the State gouges out of state hunters.